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Minecraft Dungeons: Is It On Mobile? Release Date, Storyline, Gameplay, Multiplayer, Classes & More

Minecraft has had worldwide success since it arrived on PC back in 2011.

The worldwide community, which features about 90 million active users, will soon be making the move to Minecraft Dungeons as it nears it's 2020 release.

However, mobile users could be in for a big surprise further down the line.

Continue below for all the details we have on Minecraft Dungeons Mobile.

Release Date

Minecraft Dungeons is the adventurous action game that will revolutionise the 'dungeon crawlers' genre

minecraft map
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GOING ON AN ADVENTURE: Be ready for anything

However, Dungeons is not currently available on mobile.

While the game will be available on Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch for just £14.99, but there isn't a mobile version of the game written in for 2020.

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That said, Mojang could easily turn Minecraft Dungeons into a mobile game somewhere down the line.

Just not quite yet.


Minecraft Dungeons takes us to the classic world of fantasy where the evil villain Arch-llager has targeted the village of main heroes from the story.

minecraft dungeons gameplay
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ARMOUR UP: And kick off the adventure with your friends!

He forces all the villagers who shunned him to follow his commands and begins a campaign of terror, ransacking other villages across the land.

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The heroes have nothing else to do but defend themselves and ruin the plans of their archenemy by embarking on a dangerous quest.


The Microsoft conference proceeding E3 2019 brought us new materials about many different productions - among them there was a trailer for Minecraft Dungeons.

This game differs from the Minecraft spinoff, but the footage showed us some elements of the gameplay (including a fight with magic).

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The trailer also gave us the glimpse of cooperation game mode, where it will be possible to roam underground with up to three other players via online or locally.

You can pre-order Minecraft Dungeons for Xbox One and PC now at most game retailers.


Multiplayer is available via WiFi or a local network.

minecraft dungeons pre order
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SURROUNDED: The action in Dungeons will be like nothing you’ve seen before

We can also use one PC or one console to play, but while crossplay between Xbox & PC players will be available, Switch and PS4 players will not have this option at launch.


Classic dungeon crawlers usually have a party of players who embody different classes of character.

minecraft dungeons xbox
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VERSATILITY: Minecraft Dungeons takes a step away from traditional dungeon crawlers

We tend to see a barbarian, a ranger, a warlock and so on, but to get to the end, you’ll need a balanced party.

Minecraft Dungeons takes a step away from that.

Each player can build their class from the ground up on the go thanks to looting weapons and other items that can help you build any class as you please.

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