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Madden 24 introduces game-breaking X-Factor!

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Madden 24 Michael Vick cover

Season 3 has recently arrived at Madden 24, and it introduced a lot of new content to the title. New programs, such as Blitz and Cover Athletes, arrived at the game, new cards were introduced, and some new X-Factors were also added.

Among the many X-Factors added to the game, there was one in particular that caught everyone's attention. It's called the 04 Vick X-Factor, and only the brand-new Michael Vick card has it.

The 04 Vick X-Factor is incredible, and some might even say game-breaking, So, let's find out exactly what this X-Factor does.

How the 04 Vick X-Factor works

The 04 Vick X-Factor is only available in Michael Vick's new Season 3 card. This ability gives Vick improved scrambling speed leaving the pocket, making him incredibly fast. It's a much better version of the escape artist X-Factor, that will make Vick a very hard QB to tackle if he takes off.

Madden 24 Michael Vick
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To activate this X-Factor, players need to have at least one rush yard eight times. This means it will take at least eight plays to activate this X-Factor, which is its only negative aspect.

If you get tackled for a loss this X-Factor will deactivate. It's also worth noting that, QB scrambles and QB run plays also count for the activation requirements.

The best X-Factor in Madden 24?

As mentioned above, many players thi

However, there are still two X-Factors better than this one in Madden 24. We are of course talking about Set Feet Lead and Hot Route Master. Unfortunately, this Michael Vick card doesn't possess any of these two, otherwise, we might have been looking at the best QB in the game.

Madden 24 Troy Aikman Legend Card
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Troy Aikman is the only card in Madden 24 that has Set Feet Lead and Hot Route Master.

So, despite the fact this X-Factor can be considered game-breaking, it's not the best X-Factor in the game. But there still hasn't been enough time to test out the 04 Vick X-Factor extensively. So there is a change this X-Factor will become known as the best in the game shortly.

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