Madden 24: How to lateral

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lateral in madden 24

The NFL season is right around the corner but Madden players are asking how to lateral in Madden 24. Laterals are rarely seen in the NFL, but can be devastating when you get it right in Madden.

This part of the game is very risky, but just sometimes it can make you an absolute hero. Madden 24 has some tricky controls, and lateralling is definitely one of them.

How to lateral in Madden 24

Laterals are backwards passes during the play itself. It's kind of like turning the game into rugby. However, the CPU players are not set up for laterals so you have to use them sparingly.

Patriots offensive lineman with the ball following a lateral in Madden 24
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When you do use a lateral you'll be surprised at just how far backwards players will launch the ball to get to the next player. You have to be very careful when to use them. They are best for desperate times and Ultimate Team challenges.

To throw a lateral you need to be beyond the line of scrimmage and press LB on Xbox or L1 on PlayStation. You can slightly direct it with the left stick.

You can lateral on offense, defense, or special teams.

The dangers of laterals in Madden 24

Laterals are incredibly dangerous. For a start, you are throwing the ball backwards, which means you are losing yards! The idea is to move the ball into more space, away from defenders. But you are in effect fumbling the ball, and it can be recovered by the other team.

ball carrier controls for Madden 24
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Fumbles will happen more frequently when lateralling on defense and special teams as players are not in an organised state. On offense it will often end up with an offensive lineman who then cannot take advantage of the space they are now in with the ball.

Laterals should only be used in extreme circumstances, like on the very last play of the game when you need a touchdown.

Madden 24 controls


There are a lot of complex controls in Madden 24. Be it touch passes vs lob passes or stiff arms vs jukes, there are a lot of decisions to be made when you are at the controls in Madden 24.

Using practice modes to get familiar with everything and find your rhythm is important. It will also let you find a Madden 24 playbook that works for you.

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