Top 5 reasons why you should definitely buy Madden 22

The release date for Madden 22 isn't far away, and some players are still trying to decide whether or not to pick up their copy.

We had a chance to play the EA Play Trial and with that, have some thoughts on why Madden 22 is worth a buy.

For the players still on the fence, here are five reasons why you should buy Madden 22.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Madden 22

We get it, sometimes when debating buying a game you feel like you might not get everything out of it you want. So why should you buy Madden 22?

1. Upgraded Physics, Momentum

This is something that has been overlooked in the game for a while but we're happy to say the physics in Madden 22 have received some nice upgrades in momentum management and new tackling animations.

An image from Madden 22 of Dalvin Cook
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PUNISHING: Deliver incredible stiff arms this year with upgraded physics in Madden 22

This at a base level is available on all platforms, not just next gen consoles, though next gen players will get next gen stats which will adjust how players perform to fit reality on both sides of the football.

2. Smoother Gameplay with crisp graphics

The graphics in Madden 22 are unparralled, this includes the graphics on current gen consoles. Originally, many people believed the game would look much like Madden 21, but Madden 22 blows the previous title out of the water.

The stadiums are near replicas of the real world stadiums, some of which even have glimpses outside to the surrounding buildings.

The colors are vibrant, the graphics are sharp and the movement is fluid, all things you want in a premier sports game.

3. Franchise Mode takes a step forward in Madden 22

A big gripe around the Madden community was that Franchise Mode received little to no attention or updates over the years, fueling the #FixMaddenFranchise movement.

An image of the Bills in Madden 22
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BREATHTAKING: The graphics in Madden 22 are out of this world!

EA took a step forward in Madden 22 by bringing new features such as Staff Management, and promising future features down the line in post-launch updates like a scouting overhaul.

Staff Management gives players the ability to be more strategic in how their team is built, allowing you to bring coordinators with their own talent tree to build out your coaching staff.

4. Dynamic Gameday (Next Gen Exclusive)

Dynamic Gameday is a new feature brought to Madden 22 solely for next gen players. However, next gen players shouldn't be the only people that appreciate this addition.

A feature inside of Dynamic Gameday is Home Field Advantage, one, in particular, is the Minnesota Vikings "SKOL" chant.

The Minnesota Vikings in Madden 22
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ROCK THE HOUSE: Playing at home has never been better in Madden 22

This is some next level immersion given by EA and brought to Madden 22. Anyone that has ever been to a live NFL game knows that home field advantage is a real thing. It's great to see it represented so well in a video game, and we hope it will end up in current gen players hands soon enough.

5. Support from EA

EA put a lot of work into this game and it's evident by the EA Play Trial. Even though the game isn't released just yet you can tell a lot of love and thought went into it.

EA has also made a commitment to constantly updating the game and providing updates and support when needed.

For instance, Xbox players had trouble with their timers running when not actually playing the game. EA stepped in and decided to extend the trial for those players almost immediately.

It feels good knowing that the studio is looking out for the player's best interest and not just trying to break sales records, a reputation some gamers have for EA with their Madden games.

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