Fortnite: How To Collect All Floating Rings At Steamy Stacks

This seems to be a common theme within the weekly challenges; now we move to Steamy Stacks

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Steamy Floating Rings

We are now at the halfway point of Chapter 2 Season 3, and it has been a fast season for sure.

With the water levels dropping yet again, we also have a brand new set of challenges to check out!

A common theme within recent weeks has been collecting Floating Rings.

Now, we move to Steamy Stacks!



This challenge debuted a while ago during the week three challenges, and it was one of the easiest ones yet.

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Although these can be easy to find, we expect Epic to place some at some tricky locations.


As of now, we do not know where the Floating Rings are going to be located at Steamy Stacks.

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This is due to the challenges not being fully released yet, although we have leaks of the upcoming challenges.

SS 1
WILD – One of the most popular locations!

When the new challenges release this coming Thursday, we will be sure to update you with all the locations of the Floating Rings.


If you have been keeping up with the weekly challenges this season, you will notice a common trend with the Floating Rings.

This has been a challenge for the last three weeks now, so it appears Epic is taking a liking to this challenge.

Expect the same for week six!

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