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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3: Leaked skin & new logo may hint at what is to come

Since we are now in the closing weeks of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2, a lot of fans have started to play the game less and less as the days go by.

This comes as no surprise, as with the lack of content that has been added this season, and the release of Valorant; there are better choices right now than Fortnite.

This does not mean Epic is going to slow down their production for Chapter 2 Season 3, and a leaked skin could have just foreshadowed the season-ending event!

Let's check it out below!

Leaked skin?

Spy Skn
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SYMBOL - What could this mean?

Discovered in the game files by long time Fortnite leaker, FortTory; this new skin was found in the game files but it does not appear to be a skin we will be able to buy.

Noting that it is an NPC, we have seen multiple NPC's on the map this season. As all of the new POI's and some new Landmarks on the map, are littered with NPC's as apart of the Shadow versus Ghost theme.

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As FortTory notes, we have not seen the logo that the new NPC named "Spy" dawns. Instead, it is a brand new logo and since the NPC is wearing it, it perhaps serves some importance for the future of Fortnite.


Season 2 battle pass 1
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PEELY - Could Peely play a role in the season=ending event?

Since we know little about what Epic Games has in store for us in the coming weeks, fans across the world have started to speculate what this new NPC could mean for Fortnite.

FortTory notes that the only non-henchman NPC's we encounter on the Fortnite map, are the ones that command certain POIs on the map.

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Characters such as Midas and Skye, all have their own Mythical weapons and are pivotal to any match of Fortnite.

With this new NPC in the works, could Spy take over one of the existing POIs on the map? What's the likelihood of this happening?

Cape Cod

cape cod
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SECRET LAIR? Could the Spy and the Visitor be working together?

If Spy was to take over an area in the coming weeks, it would probably be the Cape Cod Landmark.

This is the largest non-POI area on the map right now. It is littered with chests and there is even some connection to the old map there.

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There have been multiple rumors regarding the Visitor's presence on the new Fortnite map. For those who do not know, the Visitor was the one who caused "The End" event during Season X!

We will have to wait and see if any of this plays out in the coming weeks.

Chapter 2 Season 3 release date delayed?

One of the most respectable Fortnite data miners, HYPEX recently discovered some in-game files regarding the timing of future patches. It doesn't look good for Season 3 arriving at the end of April.

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HYPEX has noted since both patches are currently in the game files and there are only three weeks or so until the season is supposed to end, something doesn’t add up.

Players should expect a delay until mid-May.

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