FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: Fans left UNDERWHELMED as brand new card design is leaked

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FIFA 23 is just around the corner, with a host of brand new rumours and leaks circulating over the past few weeks.

With interest heating up in the brand new game, fans have been reacting to a leak that has supposedly seen the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team card design revealed.

With Ulitmate Team set for changes in FIFA 23, it's fair to say that this brand new design has left fans underwhelmed

FUT23 Card Design

Whilst the base card designs are never expected to break new ground, we still think more could have been done to inspire FUT 23 players.

DonkTrading - who has been releasing regular FIFA 23 news - Tweeted this image and claimed it to be the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team card design.

Whilst there is nothing official in this Tweet, we're still intrigued by fan reaction.

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Fans React

It's fair to say that this recent leak has gone down like a lead balloon, with some fans describing the design as "bland and boring" and others comparing it to a Galaxy chocolate wrapper.

Ultimately, it's hard for fans to get excited when the card design is so similar to years gone by.

With so many excellent fan-made card designs sweeping across the internet over the past few years, it seems strange that EA decides to remain safe with the design of their base cards.

Of course, this move is likely made in order to get fans to invest in special promo cards, but there still needs to be an incentive for fans to get started.


It wasn't all bad, with some fans taking to Twitter to say that they liked the new design, with some describing it as "tidy" and an "upgrade".

Regardless of what you think about the new design, it will take more than an improved card aesthetic to rescue Ultimate Team from stagnation in FIFA 23.

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