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FIFA 22: When will the FUT Captains promo be released in Ultimate Team?

The Showdown Series is now in full swing in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, but, it looks like a brand new promo is in the works.

Leakers have ‘confirmed’ that a spin on the FUT Heroes will arrive as the next FUT promo.

So, find out exactly when the FUT Captains promo will be released here.

Latest - FUT Captains start date

It looks like the mysterious FUT Captains promo will be the next event coming to the game after weeks of speculation.

According to multiple sources, the FUT Captains campaign will start on Friday, 8 April.

The leaks have started to appear on social media and it seems as though we wil be getting a promo squad including current captains of teams as well as the release of boosted FUT Hero cards.

The new promo will start at approximately 6pm BST / 1pm ET on the day of release.

FUT Captains predictions

As of now, large portions of the FUT Heroes are unusable in FUT 22 as they do not fit the meta or power curve.

If the upgrades are as big as we are being told, it could produce some mega cards although if they are only available for one week that will be a shame.

Plenty of the current crop of FUT Heroes captained the teams they played for, so EA has lots of options for the upcoming FUT Captains event.

One player we are sure to see involved is Australian legend Tim Cahill as he captained his country on nine occasions.

As one of the Premier League Heroes available in the game, a boosted Cahill could be a fun new option to use for your club.

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