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FIFA 22 Teji Savanier Ligue 1 POTM: Montpellier midfielder beats the big guns

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The latest Ligue 1 Player of the Month award has been announced, with another Squad Building Challenge released in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

Teji Savanier picked up the award, so check out the card and how to add it to your squad below.

Top Form

The frontrunner for the award was always Montpellier's Teji Savanier and he has gone to claim the Player of the Month.

The team won all four matches in the month, with Savanier continuing his great form by getting two goals and three assists in recent matches.

Teji Savanier (OVR 87)

Start Date: Thursday, 20 January

Expiry Date: Sunday, 20 February

There are just two squads needed to complete the SBC, and the requirements are:


  • Minimum one France player
  • Minimum one TOTW player
  • Minimum 82 Team Rating
  • Minimum 70 Team Chemistry

1 x Premium Gold Pack

Ligue 1

  • Minimum one Ligue 1 player
  • Minimum 84 Team Rating
  • Minimum 60 Team Chemistry

1 x Prime Mixed Players Pack

Estimated Cost – 73.9k (PlayStation) / 86.1k (Xbox)

Worth it?

This Player of the Month card has very good stats, but may not be very popular for one reason - pace.

With 81 Acceleration and 76 Sprint Speed, Savanier just lacks that extra edge needed to be a top card.

His dribbling stats are great, and being small and agile he will feel brilliant on the ball.

He's got decent defending and physical stats too, so adding a Shadow chemistry style could give you a very capable CDM - 89-rated in fact - and would also fix the issue he has with pace.

At the moment we're not fully sold on the card, and think that the 80k it would take to get him could be better used on upcoming cards from the Team of the Year promo.

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