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FIFA 22 Shapeshifters Leaks: Entire squad REVEALED

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The Shapeshifters promo is next up in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, taking over from the Team of the Season event.

With player position changes the main part of the promo, get ready to see some defenders becoming strikers - and vice versa!

The Shapeshifters leaks are starting to come in, so check them all out here to see if any of the new releases could provide a key link for your Ultimate Team.

LATEST - Shapeshifters Show-off

After leaking a load of individual cards, Fut Sheriff has now revealed the full Shapeshifters Team 1, with positions filled in and 'official stats' given.

It's very much an attack-heavy squad, with five forwards, three midfielders and three defenders making up the 11.

The most surprising of switches is definitely Jeremiah St. Juste making his way from CB to RW, but it looks like he would perfectly suit the wide right position in a five-man midfield.

Amazing Alphonso

After revealing a few leaks for SBC and Objective players, Fut Sheriff is now making his way through the main squad.

Bayern Munich Roadrunner Alphonso Davies is leaked to gain a new card, with the first big position switch-up we've seen, being converted into a striker!

Sheriff is predicting 90+ in all his stats, and if that happens we could well be looking at the best all-round card in the game.

Awesome Atal

Fan favourite Youcef Atal has featured in a couple of promos already, but this new card will really allow him to shine, no longer restricted to playing at right-back.

Fut Sheriff hasn't listed his position, but we think it is highly likely to be a CM, and once again we have a card with 90+ predicted ratings in all his base attributes.

Super Son

Not content with a TOTS card, Heung Min Son is making another appearance in the Shapeshifters promo.

He will surely be converted into a striker and will be amazing to use in-game.

Eden Expected

His real-life career may have taken a plunge after multiple injuries, but Eden Hazard can still tear it up in Ultimate Team.

It looks like Fut Sheriff is done with revealing the new player positions, so our best guess is he will be a CAM.

Auba Arriving

After a couple of TOTW inclusions and a Player Moments SBC, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is finally getting included in a proper promo team.

This is yet another player expected to be handed maximum pace, and we will likely see him given a LW version.

Pierre's Promo

Milan's Pierre Kalulu comes in as the staple French centre-back that has to appear in every promo!

It's a little switch, from RB to CB, and will offer great pace in the heart of your defence.

Leaked Players List

Here is the full list of players that have had their Shapeshifters cards leaked so far:

Main Squad

  • Lionel Messi - CF (OVR 99)
  • Heung Min Son - ST (OVR 97)
  • Eden Hazard - CAM (OVR 96)
  • Alphonso Davies - ST (OVR 96)
  • Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang - LW (OVR 95)
  • Leonardo Spinazzola - CDM (OVR 95)
  • Youcef Atal - CM (OVR 95)
  • Pierre Kalulu - CB (OVR 94)
  • Jeremiah St. Juste - RW (OVR 93)
  • Nordi Mukiele - CB (OVR 92)
  • Hector Bellerin - LB (OVR 92)

SBC & Objective Players


The Shapeshifters promo was first seen in FIFA 20, although it didn't reappear in FIFA 21, so we already know what sort of mechanics to expect.

As always, the promo players will receive massive boosts, but they will also have their cards transformed, with changes coming to player positions, work rates, weak foot ability, and updated attributes to better suit their new position.

FIFA 20 Shapeshifters Team 1
click to enlarge
TRANSFORMED TALENT - New positions are the order of the day for this promo

A squad will be released into packs, with an objective player or two expected to be made available when the event kicks off, as well as a few SBCs coming throughout the campaign.

Shapeshifters had two squad releases in FIFA 20, and with EA specifying that a "Shapeshifter Team #1 item" can be earned through the new Objective, it looks like we should see a two-week promo coming again this time.

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