FIFA 22 Premium Mixed Players Pack: Cost and Probabilities

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is ins full swing now, with the Road to the Knockouts Team 2 set to arrive soon!

So, with content coming left, right and centre, you'll want to know what's in your Division Rivals and Squad Battles rewards and specifically what each pack contains.

Find out what a Premium Mixed Players Pack contains below.



Premium Mixed Players Packs have not yet been made available to purchase via the store.

These packs are currently only available as rewards from completing objectives or SBCs.

As a result of this, we cannot inform you of how much the pack will cost as it does not have a price!


However, EA may choose to release Premium Mixed Players Packs into the promo packs section of the store at some point in the FUT 22 game cycle.

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There are 12 items in the Premium Mixed Players Pack with a mixture of different quality players.

Take a look at the exact contents below.

  • 12 Items
  • 3 Rares
  • 4 Gold
  • 4 Silver
  • 4 Bronze

Cards types:

  • Players

When opening your Premium Mixed Players Packs, it is worth checking the value of every single Silver and Bronze card.

This is because the value of these cards can fluctuate a lot, and can be changed by certain SBCs that are released, so you could have a card worth a few thousand coins on your hands!