FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: The Best 200k squad, featuring Objectives Trossard

This team utilises Brossard’s ‘free’ 85 rated Special card, so we have more coins to spend elsewhere!

by ayesports

FIFA 20 saw the introduction of more FUT cards that can be earned through objectives, for playing the game. These cards are essentially ‘free’, and some of them are not bad at all. These cards are great as they reward players for committing time to ‘grind’ the game, by using different teams in Division Rivals.

We built you a 200,000 coin team that uses LW Trossard, who can be earned by scoring goals with various Premier League players.



We set up the squad in the 4-3-3 (3) formation, providing balance across the park.

Manuel Neuer (OVR 88)

Age: 33

Position: GK

Club: Bayern Munich

Country: Germany

Best stats: 87 diving, 87 handling, 87 reflexes

Cost: 32,000 PS4 / 31,5000 Xbox One

Manuel Neuer is one of the best goalkeepers in the world. Having played the majority of his club football at Bayern Munich, he is fast becoming a legend of the game.

In FUT, Neuer is solid. He’s tall, fast, and his distribution is next level, having a kicking rating of 91. Keep him on a Basic chemistry style and enjoy one of the best goalies in the game.

Lucas Hernandez (OVR 84)

Age: 23

Position: CB

Club: Bayern Munich

Country: France

Best stats: 83 stamina, 86 sliding tackle, 81 pace

Cost: 7,300 PS4 / 6,900 Xbox One

Bayern Munich team mate, Lucas Hernandez is fast becoming one of the best defenders in Europe. Having already won a FIFA World Cup at the tender age of 23, he has a big career ahead of him.

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Hernandez’s card in FUT is very good. He’s super fast, which is obviously very important in FIFA, and combined with the fact he has 83 stamina, 85 reactions, 86 sliding tackle and 84 standing tackle, he’s one of the best defenders at this price range in the game. For best results, equip him with an Anchor, boosting his pace, defending and physical. 


Kostas Manolas (OVR 85)

Age: 28

Position: CB

Club: Napoli

Country: Greece

Best stats: 82 pace, 86 defending, 85 composure

Cost: 14,750 PS4 / 14,000 Xbox One

Having made the switch from Roma to Napoli this year, Kostas Manolas is well and truly in the prime of his career, playing some of his best football to date.

The same can be said for his FUT card. Manolas’ card is great this year. He has pace in abundance, and he’s as strong as an ox. Boost his stats even further with an Anchor and you’ll see what all the fuss is about. 

Jerome Roussillon (OVR 82)

Age: 26

Position: LB

Club: VfL Wolfsburg

Country: France

Best stats: 84 stamina, 89 pace, 85 crossing

Cost: 4,700 PS4 / 4,700 Xbox One

Despite being an incredible talent, Jerome Roussillon has never quite broken into the French National side due to the nation’s depth in that position. However, currently playing his football at Wolfsburg in Germany, he is still considered one of the best left-backs in Europe.

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Roussillon is quality in FUT. He just has everything you need from a card in that position. Pace, strength, defensive prowess, and the ability to make a cross – for under 5,000 coins there’s not many better. For best results, equip him with an Anchor or a Sentinel. 


Kevin Malcuit (OVR 78)

Age: 28

Position: RB

Club: Napoli

Country: France

Best stats: 83 acceleration, 86 sprint speed, 80 dribbling

Cost: 2,300 PS4 / 3,000 Xbox One

Currently part of a troubled Napoli side, Kevin Malcuit made the move to Italy from his native France in 2018. In his nine years as a pro, Malcuit enjoyed a career that has seen him play for seven different clubs.

Malcuit might not be the first card you think of at RB when building a squad in FUT, but he is essential in getting the rest of our team on full chemistry. Despite this, he still has a lot to offer with incredible pace and dribbling, making him an asset both offensively and defensively.

Moussa Sissoko (OVR 81)

Age: 30

Position: CM

Club: Tottenham Hotspur

Country: France

Best stats: 80 pace, 89 physicality, 79 defending

Cost: 8,500 PS4 / 4,900 Xbox One

Having joined Spurs from Newcastle United, Sissoko has been a pivotal part of the Tottenham side since 2016, and is considered one the best midfielders in the Premier League.

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He is without a doubt, still, one of the best midfielders in FUT. He is incredible. He is fast, strong, and defensively solid. Give him a Shadow chemistry style and be amazed. He really is that good. 

Abdoulaye Doucoure (OVR 84)

Age: 26

Position: CM

Club: Watford

Country: France

Best stats: 94 stamina, 87 standing tackle, 85 short passing

Cost: 67,000 PS4 / 64,000 Xbox One

After a short period on loan at Spanish side Granada, Abdoulaye Doucoure has cemented himself at the heart of Watford’s midfield. Having joined The Hornets from Rennes in 2016, Doucoure has played over 100 games in the Premier League.

Doucoure’s 84-rated In Form card is excellent. He has 94 stamina, which means he will run forever, and with 87 standing tackle he’s a defensive brick wall. 85 short passing means he can distribute the ball very well too, making him an excellent asset in our new midfield.

Dries Mertens (OVR 87)

Age: 32

Position: CF

Club: Napoli

Country: Belgium

Best stats: 94 agility, 92 balance, 91 dribbling

Cost: 49,000 PS4 / 41,250 Xbox One

If anyone thought Merten’s career was slowing down, they were silenced last week at Anfield when the Belgian scored one of his best goals in the competition, against Liverpool. 

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Mertens card in FUT shows no signs of slowing down either. He’s awesome. 94 agility means he’s a lot of fun to use, and with 91 dribbling he will weave in and out of almost every defence he comes up against with ease. Boost his shooting, passing and dribbling with a Deadeye.

Leandro Trossard (OVR 85)

Age: 24

Position: LW

Club: Brighton & Hove Alboin

Country: Belgium

Best stats: 97 acceleration, 99 jumping, 98 agility

Cost: Earned through Objectives

Leandro Trossard joined Brighton in 2019 having spent four separate spells on loan during his time at Genk. Having scored two goals in his five appearances so far at Albion, he seems to have hit the ground running in English football.

This version of Trossard can be earned, for free, from Objectives. And despite being quite an effort to complete, he is worth it. His stats are insane. 99 jumping means he will tower over even the tallest defenders for a header, and 98 agility makes him incredibly difficult to tackle. Boost his shooting and passing with a Deadeye and you’ve got yourself an insane, ‘free’ card.

Alexandre Lacazette (OVR 86)

Age: 28

Position: ST

Club: Arsenal

Country: France

Best stats: 87 positioning, 97 finishing, 86 dribbling

Cost: 22,000 PS4 / 24,000 Xbox One

Lacazette joined Arsenal from Lyon in 2017 and has fast become a fan-favourite at the Emirates. Scoring 33 goals in 76 games, in a questionable Arsenal side, it’s easy to see why.

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In FUT, Lacazette’s card is honestly brilliant. Often overlooked for more ‘glamorous’ options, Lacazette is super underrated. His dribbling is what sets him apart from other options in this price range, with every stat in this section being at least 85. His shooting and positioning is also incredible, making him deadly in front of goal. Boost his pace with a Hunter and enjoy!

Nicolas Pepe (OVR 83)

Age: 24

Position: RM

Club: Arsenal

Country: Ivory Coast

Best stats: 91 pace, 91 agility, 84 stamina

Cost: 7,800 PS4 / 9,000 Xbox One

Pepe joined Arsenal for an incredible £72,000,000 in the summer. Despite having had a bumpy start in English football, the young Ivorian is still considered one of the best wingers in European football. 

In FUT, Pepe’s 83 rated card is great. He is lightening fast, and with incredible agility and dribbling stats, he terrorises defenders for fun. Boost his shooting and passing with a Deadeye and you’ve got yourself an 88 rated RW for under 10k.

The Full Lineup

GRIND: Earn Trossard’s special card by completing objectives in Division Rivals.

This squad can be achieved from anywhere between 200,000 and 215,000 coins, depending on which console you use, and the current state of the FUT Transfer Market.

Taking advantage of Objective player Trossard we can build a team that is both offensively dangerous and defensively solid, with star players like Mertens, Lacazette and Neuer.

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We’ve converted Mertens down from a CF to a CM for chemistry purposes. In-game we switch Doucoure with Mertens, providing offensive support for Lacazette at striker.

We set Lacazette to Stay Forward and Get In Behind, and Mertens to Stay Forward. Sissoko, Doucoure, Roussillon and Malcuit will be to Stay Back While Attacking to ensure the squad is as defensive sound as it can be.

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However, to succeed in Ultimate Team, it’s vital you set up in the right formation, as well as sign the right players.

With so many formations to choose from, setting up your team in FIFA 20 can seem a little overwhelming. 

However, there are more than a handful of easy-to-learn tactics that will help you get the most out of your team in EA’s new game.

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ayesports, aka Luke Crawford, is a freelance creative and Twitch partner, based in London. When he's not making stuff for brands like Nike, Honda, you can find him streaming FIFA Ultimate Team on Twitch.