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FIFA 20 Weekend League: TOTW 10 Red Player Pick Guide - Ronaldo, Hazard, Kane & more

Team of the Week 10 has been released in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, with another set of Weekend League rewards arriving on Thursday at 08:00 GMT.

It’s time to start considering who you’re going to want to take in your red player picks!

This TOTW is certainly a decent selection of players, featuring Cristiano Ronaldo’s first in-form item of the year, as well as Eden Hazard and Harry Kane making the cut.

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Top-Tier Selections

These are the top-tier picks from this Team of the Week. If you’re lucky enough to see one of these players, I’d be definitely looking to select them to get them into your squad.

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This week, there are 3 clear selections that you should be crossing your fingers to see in your red player picks, 94 CR7, 92 Eden Hazard, and 91 Harry Kane.


Cristiano Ronaldo - 94 OVR

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What else is there to say, it’s Cristiano Ronaldo. Being a LW rather than a ST, this opens up a number of squad building possibilities, with a strong link to Alex Sandro being easy to achieve, as well as a nationality link with the IF LB Nelson Semedo.

Despite not boasting incredible upgrades to his base card, I think anyone would be ecstatic to see this guy popping up in their red player picks tomorrow.

Personally, I’d be looking to throw an Engine chemistry style onto CR7 just to increase his pace further, as well as increasing agility and balance (both key stats this year), in addition to his passing. 

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Eden Hazard - 92 OVR

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The big Ones to Watch upgrade from this week, Eden Hazard is certainly up there as a top tier pick from TOTW 10.

Being the best LW in La Liga, with 4* Skills and 4* Weak Foot, Hazard possesses everything you need for a wide option in FUT 20. With all Dribbling stats above 90, Hazard is a perfect winger for the FUT 20 meta, and with the likes of RTTF Militao being available, more and more Real Madrid players are being used in top tier teams.

A massive congratulations if you’re packing Hazard in your rewards this week.


Harry Kane - 91 OVR

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While Kane isn’t the fastest striker on the game, with 93 Shooting and 85 Physical, he’s the perfect player for finishing chances inside the box.

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Definitely consider throwing an engine chemistry style to improve his Pace and Dribbling stats a little more, just to fit the FUT 20 meta a little more.

Other than that, having Kane at the top of your team finishing chances would make him a fantastic player to get in your WL Rewards this week.


Mid-Tier Selections

These are the mid-tier picks from this Team of the Week. They’re not the best players you could get, but they’re certainly not bad selections either.

89 Kroos - Kroos is certainly a great player in real world football, however for FIFA his playstyle doesn’t make him the most meta option available. With 46 pace and 60 agility, this card may feel very clunky in game. However, being 89 rated will help for future SBCs.

86 Donnarumma - Certainly not a bad GK with 91 Diving and 91 Reflexes. However, with better GKs available in the game, and not many people running Serie A defences at the top end, I can’t see Donnarumma being overly useful outside of SBCs.

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86 Moreno - A very useful card for SBCs, being 86 rated in La Liga, however with mediocre stats, he won’t be very good for your team unfortunately.

84 McGinn - A great looking little card, with nearly all stats being over 80. Certainly a great card for a first owner team, being able to play a box-to-box CM role very well indeed, however for top tier teams, he falls somewhat short.

84 Partey - Another very usable card for the CDM position in a La Liga team, however, for a top tier team, there are better options, with Partey somewhat lacking in terms of passing and dribbling to make him truly meta in FUT 20.

Low-Tier Selections

These are the low-tier picks from this Team of the Week. There’s no pretty way of saying this, consider yourself unlucky if these are the only options you’re receiving.

  • 85 Otamendi
  • 84 Onana
  • 83 Jimenez
  • 82 Elvedi
  • 81 Selnæs
  • 81 Bensebaini
  • 81 Skov
  • 81 Lainer
  • 80 Kral
  • 80 Osimhen
  • 80 Zaniolo
  • 79 Diedhou
  • 76 Vergara

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