FIFA 20: Top 10 Central Attacking Midfielders (CAM) to buy in Career Mode & Ultimate Team – De Bruyne, Dybala, Eriksen & more

String-pullers and playmakers are vital to success. Who are the absolute best this year?

Toby Durant by Toby Durant

Every good team needs someone in the middle making the attack click and moving the ball around.

While not every formation makes complete use of the central attacking midfield (CAM) player, there is always a spot for a truly great creative player in the middle of the park.


How to choose the best attacking midfielders (CAMs) on FIFA 20 Career Mode

Here we are looking for simply the best players that have their primary position at central attacking midfield.

We don’t care about age, price, or nationality. These are simply the best CAMs in the game and the ideal players to use in a quick online match to dominate your mates.

For a full list of ALL the best attacking midfielders (CAMs) on Career Mode, look at the table at the end of this page. 

Kevin De Bruyne (OVR 91 – POT 91)

Age: 28

Position(s): CAM, CM

Club: Manchester City

Country: Belgium

Value: £81 million (Release Clause: £149.9 million)

Wage: £333,000 a week

FUT Price: PS4 – 277,000 coins / Xbox – 259,000 coins

Kevin De Bruyne has long been considered one of the finest creative players in the world. Starting his career with Genk, he made an early move to Chelsea but failed to make much of an impact and spent a lot of his time in Germany on loan. After a brief spell with Wolfsburg he was snapped up by Man City in 2015 and hasn’t looked back since.

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The Man City man is the quintessential string-puller at the heart of your attack. His incredible 92 short passing, 91 long passing, and 86 dribbling means he can do anything you want to creatively. He’s also deadly in front of goal with a mega 91 shot power, 90 long shots, and 82 finishing.

Paulo Dybala (OVR 88 – POT 92)

Age: 25

Position(s): CAM, RW

Club: Piemento Calcio

Country: Argentina

Value: £68.9 million (Release Clause: £118.8 million)

Wage: £194,000 a week

FUT Price: PS4 – 62,000 coins / Xbox – 53,500 coins

Paulo Dybala arrived in Europe with Palermo in 2012, but it wasn’t long before his talents put him on the radar of Juventus, who snapped him up in 2015 for around €40 million.

The Argentine playmaker brings a fearsome combination of 90 dribbling and 86 acceleration to break away from a defender and 87 short passing to pick out a teammate perfectly. His £118.8 million release clause is a lot, but at his age you will get plenty of peak years out of him.


Christian Eriksen (OVR 88 – POT 89)

Age: 27

Position(s): CAM, CM, RM

Club: Tottenham Hotspur

Country: Denmark

Value: £61.2 million (Release Clause: £117.8 million)

Wage: £185,000 a week

FUT Price: PS4 – 45,000 coins / Xbox – 48,000 coins

A product of the famed Ajax Academy, Christian Eriksen moved to Spurs in 2013 and has developed into one of the best creative forces in world football. He scored 10 goals and registered 17 assists in all competitions last season.

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The Danish maestro is absolutely deadly in the middle of the park. With 92 vision, 91 short passing, and 89 long passing there little he can’t do to keep the ball moving as you probe a defence. Eriksen only has one year left on his contract so you might not have to pay his massive £117.8 million release clause if you are patient.

Marco Reus (OVR 88 – POT 88)

Age: 30

Position(s): CAM, LM, ST

Club: Borussia Dortmund

Country: Germany

Value: £50.4 million (Release Clause: £85.7 million)

Wage: £153,000 a week

FUT Price: PS4 – 144,000 coins / 127,000 coins

Marco Reus first made his mark with Borussia Monchengladbach before moving to Dortmund in 2012 where he exploded onto the world stage. The club captain has seen his career hampered by injuries, but when on the field he has been lethal.

In FIFA 20 Reus still has some of the athleticism he is known for with 85 acceleration and 85 sprint speed. His 87 finishing and 86 short passing are his best assets on the ball, along with 87 dribbling which makes him ideal to break open a defence by himself.


David Silva (OVR 88 – POT 88)

Age: 33

Position(s): CAM, CM

Club: Manchester City

Country: Spain

Value: £32.4 million (Release Clause: £59.9 million)

Wage: £239,000 a week

FUT Price: PS4 – 20,500 coins / Xbox – 20,500 coins

David Silva is an icon of the position. He pulled the strings at Valencia for years before moving to Man City in 2010, where he has been instrumental in their transformation to a Premier League titan.

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Silva may be coming to the end of his career in FIFA 20, but with 92 short passing, 87 dribbling, and 84 crossing he can still be a creative force. Given his age and £59.9 million release clause he wouldn’t be a wise purchase if you plan on playing multiple seasons though.

Bruno Fernandes (OVR 85 – POT 88)

Age: 24

Position(s): CAM, CM

Club: Sporting CP

Country: Portugal

Value: £44.1 million (Release Clause: £91.5 million)

Wage: £21,000 a week

FUT Price: PS4 – 6,500 coins / 7,000 coins

Bruno Fernandes is already on the fourth club of his young career, and Sporting are unlikely to be his final stop given his age and world-class talent. He has already picked up 9 goals and 6 assists this season.

Fernandes would be an excellent signing for any club in FIFA 20. He has 87 long passing and 86 short passing along with 88 long shots and 85 dribbling. He should hit that 88 potential no problem, it’s only the £91.5 million release clause that might stand in your way

Hakim Ziyech (OVR 85 – POT 86)

Age: 26

Position(s): CAM, RW

Club: Ajax

Country: Morocco

Value: £40.5 million (Release Clause: £59.7 million)

Wage: £35,000 a week

FUT Price: PS4 – 6,400 coins / Xbox – 6,400 coins

Hakim Ziyech is best known for being a key part of Ajax’s magical run to the Champions League semi-final last season. He scored 16 league goals and 3 in the UCL last year.

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In FIFA 20 Ziyech brings superb 89 long passing along with 86 short passing and 84 crossing. He also has a delightful 90 curve rating that will drive opponents crazy. His £59.7 million release clause is a bit high, but with lower wages compared to most you’ll save some money there.

James Rodriguez (OVR 85 – POT 85)

Age: 27

Position(s): CAM, CM, RM

Club: Real Madrid

Country: Colombia

Value: 36.5 million (Release Clause: £74.7 million)

Wage: £203,000 a week

FUT Price: PS4 – 6,500 coins / 6,700 coins

The break-out sensation of the 2014 World Cup, James moved to Real Madrid after his Golden Boot winning performance. Three up and down years led to a two-year loan spell at Bayern Munich where he played well.

James is a deadly weapon in the right hands. With 92 long shots, 90 crossing, 90 volley, and 89 curve he is a goalkeeper’s worst nightmare. He also brings 86 short passing and 85 dribblings to help unlock a defence. His release clause of £74.7 million is a bit steep, but you can convince Real Madrid to part with him for less.

Isco (OVR 85 – POT 86)

Age: 27

Position(s): CAM, CM, LW

Club: Real Madrid

Country: Spain

Value: £39.6 million (Release Clause: £84.2 million)

Wage: £203,000 a week

FUT Price: PS4 – 11,000 coins / Xbox – 11,000 coins

One of the reasons you could get James on the cheap is because Real also have Isco. The Spanish midfielder moved to Real Madrid at the age of 21 from Malaga and has been groomed into a star for Los Blancos, racking up nearly 300 appearances for the club already.

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In FIFA 20 Isco is a wizard with the ball at his feet. He has a huge 92 dribbling with 92 ball control and 90 balance to dance his way through a defence.

Thomas Muller (OVR 85 – POT 85)

Age: 29

Position(s): CAM, RM, RW

Club: Bayern Munich

Country: Germany

Value: £33.8 million (Release Clause: £55.7 million)

Wage: £140,000 a week

FUT Price: PS4 – 11,000 coins / Xbox – 11,500 coins

Thomas Muller has been with Bayern Munich since the age of 11 and has already racked up over 500 appearances for the team. Muller’s goals have dried up as he’s moved into a central attacking midfield role in recent years, but he is still a quality player.

Muller has superb 87 finishing in FIFA 20 to go along with 81 short passing and 81 ball control. He’s more of a support striker than creative force at CAM, but that can be just as valuable.

All the Best Central Attacking Midfielders (CAM) on FIFA 20

Kevin De Bruyne28CAM
Man CityBelgium9191£81M£333K277k / 259k
Paulo Dybala25CAMRWPiemento CalcioArgentina8892£68.9M£194K62k / 53.5k
Christian Eriksen27CAMCMRMSpursDenmark8889£61.2M£185K45k / 48k
Marco Reus30CAMLMSTBorussia DortmundGermany8888£50.4M£153K144k / 127k
David Silva33CAMCMMan CitySpain8888£32.4M£239K20.5k / 20.5k
Bruno Fernandes24CAMCMSporting CPPortugal8588£44.1M£21K6.5k / 7k
Hakim Ziyech26CAMRWAjaxMorocco8586£40.5M£35K6.4k / 6.4k
James Rodriguez27CAMCMRMReal MadridColombia8585£36.5M£203K6.5k / 6.7k
Isco27CAMCMLWReal MadridSpain8586£39.6M£203K11k / 11k
Thomas Muller29CAMRMRWBayern MunichGermany8585£33.8M£140K11k / 11.5k
Alejandro Gomez31CAMCFSTAtalantaArgentina8585£30.6M£83K6.4k / 6.6k
Kai Havertz20CAMRMBayer LeverkusenGermany8492£41.4M£63K3.5k / 4.2k
Nabil Fekir25CAMReal BetisFrance8487£35.1M£36K3.7k / 3.7k
Julian Brandt23CAMLMRMBorussia DortmundGermany8488£36.5M£84K3.6k / 4.3k
Dusan Tadic30CAMLWCFAjaxSerbia8484£26.6M£32K3.4k / 3.8k
Luis Alberto26CAMCMCFLazioSpain8485£32.9M£70K3.7k / 5k
Canales28CAMRMLMReal BetisSpain8484£28.4M£39K4.3k / 4.1k
Mesut Ozil30CAMRWArsenalGermany8484£26.6M£113K
Anderson Talisca25CAM

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