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FIFA 20 Points Can Be Transferred to FIFA 21

If you find yourself sitting on extra FIFA 20 Points ahead of FIFA 21's launch, don't be alarmed. FIFA 21 Points are within your reach.

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EA have just announced via Twitter that players will be able to transfer FIFA 20 Points to FIFA 21 Points.

FIFA 20 Points Transferable to FIFA 21 Points
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ONE-TIME OFFER: Players with excess FIFA 20 Points can put them to use on release day

This will only be possible through a one-time transfer, so players will have to make their decision final.

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But this will be huge for players looking to push their edge in FUT 21 and retain value by converting extra points to FIFA 21 Points.

This will also mean plenty more FIFA 21 packs being opened on release day, so watching the FIFA 21 Auction House could be extra profitable for those willing to take some risks.

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