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FIFA 20: Community Champions - New cards explained, predictions, release date, news & more

So by now, you'll all be aware that the Team of the Season So Far (TOTSSF) has arrived to FIFA 20 Ultimate Team.

However, the new promo is made up of more than just the standard Team of the Season squad and EA has announced that a brand new line of cards is arriving.

These cards are called Community Champions and will be new Player Moments items.

Keep reading to find out more.

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What are Community Champions?

To shine a light on footballers who went above and beyond in their communities during the COVID-19 crisis, Team of the Season So Far will honour a select few.

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These Player Moments special player items will be released through Squad Building Challenges or Objectives.


Community Champions Release Date

There is no official release date for Community Champions yet, however, we know they will arrive throughout the TOTSSF promo.

EA has confirmed that TOTW Moments will be put on hold after this week's squad, so perhaps we could see the new line of cards arrive next Wednesday, 6 May?

Community Champions Prediction

It's pretty tough to predict what these new cards will look like or who will feature as it's a brand new promo.

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However, we can make one estimate going off the basis that the promo will focus on footballers who have gone above and beyond to help their community during the current crisis.

Gareth Bale (OVR 85 - CC 88)

bale community champions
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Real Madrid star, Gareth Bale, may have fallen out of favour at the Bernabeu, but he's won over the hearts of the community with a recent generous act.


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The Welshman has donated nearly £1 million to fight Coronavirus in both Spain and Wales - you'd imagine that EA would deem this worthy of a new Community Champion Player Moments card.

Judging by Bale's FIFA 20 FUT progression, he'd likely come in with an 88 rated Community Champions card with some insane speed and shooting stats.

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