FIFA 21 Ratings: Best Centre Backs (CB) - Van Dijk, Ramos, Koulibaly & more

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The FIFA 21 ratings have been released!

The bedrock of every team is its centre backs. Who are the best in FIFA 21?

Virgil Van Dijk (OVR 90)

Virgil Van Dijk FIFA 21
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Of course Van Dijk is the best centre back in FIFA 21.

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The Liverpool man gets a 90 OVR that comes with 93 marking, 93 standing tackle, 92 strength, and 90 jumping. In other words, he’s a beast.

Sergio Ramos (OVR 89)

Ramos 1
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It’s another big rating for the Real Madrid captain.

Sergio Ramos has won it all during his career, but he is still a great centre back, with 93 jumping, 90 sliding tackle, 88 standing tackle, and 88 interceptions. Of course, he also great at set pieces with 92 heading accuracy, 92 reactions, and 65 finishing.

Kalidou Koulibaly (OVR 88)

Koulibaly 1
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The Napoli centre back could be heading for a new team before the transfer window slams shut, but right now the Italian side get the benefit of his talents.

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He comes with 77 sprint speed and a stellar 94 strength. He’s also got 91 marking, 89 standing tackle and 87 sliding tackle.

Aymeric Laporte (OVR 87)

Laporte 1
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Man City’s centre back is next up. Laporte lacks a little compared to the others, but does have a few tricks up his sleeve.

He’s got 89 marking, 89 standing tackle, 88 sliding tackle, and 87 interceptions. He’s also got 82 short passing and 80 long passing, allowing him to get involved in build-up play.

Giorgio Chiellini (OVR 87)

Chiellini 1
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Chiellini may be 36 but he is still a force at the back.

The veteran defender has 94 marking along with 90 standing tackle, 88 sliding tackle, and 87 strength. His 60 acceleration will leave him vulnerable though.

Gerard Pique (OVR 86)

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Gerard Pique is next up. The Barcelona man is another veteran at 33 years old, and is even slower than Chiellini with just 64 sprint speed and 48 acceleration.

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He is still a stellar defender though, with 88 marking, 87 strength, 87 interceptions, and 86 standing tackle.

Mats Hummels (OVR 86)

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Last on our list is the German Mats Hummels. With his high-high work rate he is something of a rarity at centre back.

Hummels has 90 marking, 88 standing tackle, and 86 sliding tackle. He’s also got 91 interceptions and 86 long passing, making him a quality option.

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