27 Sep 2020 4:40 PM +00:00

FIFA 21 FUT Web & Companion App: Release Date Confirmed!

FIFA 21 is just two weeks away!

With the release date so close, EA has announced the release date for the FUT Web & Companion App, so you can get your Ultimate Team underway!

Release Date

You will be able to get your FUT 21 Ultimate Team underway on Wednesday, 30 September.

This was confirmed on the FUT 20 Web App which is still live.

fifa 21 fut web app
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CONFIRMED! The FUT Web App will be available next week


The FUT Web App allows you to get your Ultimate Team started early and get ahead of the competition.

Users will be able to access FIFA 21 FUT Web App at 6pm BST on the day of its release.


The FUT Web App is the best way to start your Ultimate Team as it gives you access to the game before the official release.

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Open your loyalty packs, loan picks and get daily coin rewards to help you on your way!

You will also be able to assemble squads and complete challenges to help you when the full game is released.

Not only that, but the challenges and transfer market are faster and more reliable on the app making for a better user experience.

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