FIFA 21: Homegrown Talent - Latest News, Official Trailer, Career Mode, Youth System, Duel Entitlement & more

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There is change in the air ahead of FIFA 21 Career Mode.

‘Homegrown Talent’ is a phrase EA has used, so will we see a change in the youth academy system?


Latest News – Official Career Mode Trailer

The time has come – EA has dropped the official Career Mode Trailer and it looks amazing!

Head here to watch the new trailer and read a breakdown of EA’s brand new Career Mode Pitch Notes.

Homegrown Talent

If you are a Career Mode fan, you can guarantee yourself a top talent from the outset!

If you pre-order either the Ultimate or Champions Editions of FIFA 21, one of the bonuses is a homegrown talent on Career Mode.

Find out what other bonuses you will receive here.


The ‘homegrown talent’ is said to be a young player with world class potential, and their nationality will vary depending on the team you are in charge of.

Youth System

The Youth System has needed a revamp for a while on FIFA Career Mode, so is this the start?

We could see a larger emphasis placed on ‘homegrown talent’ this year with scouts guaranteed in the country of your team.

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Whereas in previous years we have sent our youth scouts all over the globe, could we see updated objectives that focus on this new ‘homegrown’ title.

This could bring FIFA 21 Career Mode in line with regulations in the real world, for example Premier League teams must have a minimum of eight homegrown players in their squad.



We hope that the Youth System is updated for next year and there are some areas we would love to see improved.

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More control over the youth academy is something fans have wanted for years. Being able to shape your young players into what is needed for your side would be great.

Having a full youth squad seems a no-brainer too, with the current handful of players each year not representing a realistic youth set-up.

UPDATE! We want to see some new objectives to hit


Lastly, the board objectives for your youth academy haven’t changed in years so could definitely do with updating!

Dual Entitlement

EA have confirmed Dual Entitlement for FIFA 21, meaning you will not have to buy the game twice if you want to play on the Next Gen consoles.

The Homegrown Talent and other bonuses will all be transferable too!

Ultimate Team will also carry over to the Next Gen consoles, however we will have to wait and see if you can take your Career Mode saves with you.

Backwards compatibility on the PS5 and Xbox Series X will also allow you to play your current games on Next Gen too, provided you purchase a console with a disc drive.

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