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14 Aug 2020

FIFA 21 Beta: How to get a code

FIFA 21 Beta: How to get a code

For a select few this will be the first chance to play the new game, but how can you get selected?

Trailers are being regularly revealed now by EA with FIFA 21 fast approaching.

However, the Beta is the first chance to play the game. See how it works below.

When is the Beta?

We now have confirmation that the Beta will be available to play from Friday, 14 August to Tuesday, 1 September.

If you have received a code by email, you can jump in and play four different game modes for just over two weeks!

fifa 21 career mode training days 2

SNAPSHOT! The Beta is the first chance to see all the new features arriving to Career Mode

Volta, Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs and Career Mode are the modes available on the FIFA 21 Beta.

This is the Beta, so EA are looking for feedback ahead of the official release.

How to get a code

Firstly, check your emails! Make sure you have opted in to receive emails from EA too.

EA have said that “because of limited space in the Closed Beta, not everyone that’s opted in will get an email with a code”.

This means there will be some of us that miss out this year.

Unfortunately, there is little else to do to try and receive a code. Just keep playing FIFA 20 and hope for the best!