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FC 24: Easy Squad Battles glitch!

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Squad Battles FC 24

FC 24 fans have been loving the new game since its release, with the first Weekend League out of the way, players will be looking to earn packs, and complete objectives through Squad Battles.

We have tons of content on the latest FC 24 news including Team of the Week 4, and the Trailblazers promo. As well as this, we have covered whether Eden Hazard will be in FC 24, and all the Squad Battles rewards available, so be sure to check those out!

Now talking of Squad Battles, a new glitch has been found in FC 24, that makes games against the AI in Ultimate Team a lot easier, so without further ado, let's look at the glitch!

FC 24 Squad Battles glitch

Squad Battles is a game mode on FC 24 Ultimate Team where you can play against AI-controlled opponents featuring squads created by the Ultimate Team community.

Squad Battles FC 24
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Squad Battles FC 24

From there you can choose your difficulty and climb the ranks at your own pace, with weekly rewards given to players!

Players in the community have spotted an insane glitch that makes playing against AI a lot easier, so let's see what this glitch is.

Volta/Squad Battles glitch

Fans have become aware that if you play a 3v3 game of Volta football in FC 24, and then go to Squad Battles afterward, your Squad Battles game will become a 3v3 game also!

This makes it much easier to get past players, as there are only three you need to beat instead of 11, and many players will be looking to exploit this method for better rewards this week in Squad Battles.

To do this glitch you will have to complete the following steps:

  1. Play Volta 3v3 in Kick-Off
  2. Go to Squad Battles
  3. Choose difficulty
  4. Play a 3v3 match on Squad Battles
  5. Earn points and get weekly rewards
FC 24
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Squad Battles rewards

This glitch could make the battle for a higher rank in Squad Battles all the more entertaining with more people than usual playing the offline game mode exploiting the glitch before it's patched by EA.

Will you be trying it out?

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