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FC 24: Is the game scripted?!

FC 24 glitch

FC 24 is in full swing, and there has been a bunch of new content added to the game recently.

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As much as the new content has been a ton of fun, there have been plenty of bugs within the first month of FC 24, with the latest problem, begging one question for many Ultimate Team players. Is FC 24 scripted? Let's take a further look!

Are FC 24 games scripted?

A new bug has entered the fray in FC 24, which has caused a huge stir on social media, with fans wondering whether the online games are being scripted by EA!

Fans playing UT Champions have come across an unusual bug within the game, where the so-called 'difficulty' of the game changes throughout the match, despite it being an online game, where there is no difficulty measure.

The bug pops up in the corner of the screen and says 'Difficulty changed to World Class' or 'Difficulty changed to Semi-Pro,' which has given players of the game thought that the matches are being scripted so that the game is being made easier or harder for the opponent.

FC 24
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Difficulty glitch

Fan reaction

This glitch has caused a lot of interaction on social media with some of the biggest FC 24 content creators getting involved with the discussion.

@Nick28T said: "People were having this pop-up during UT Champs and changing during their games.
"More proof that EA adjusts your AI's intelligence as the game goes on?
"I am sure it's just a 'visual glitch,' but it's concerning."

Many people have suggested that EA is scripting matches to make them more competitive, and this bug suggests so with the way the difficulty is changing throughout the match.

@NepentheZ even commented and said: "As an avid anti-scripting believer, this has been the ONLY conceivable thing I have believed in.
"The AI has to be a 'difficulty' and sometimes it feels different to other times.
"Is it a visual glitch, or is it a genuine error in how the AI behaves?"

So, with that being said, what is EA doing to fix this glitch, and will there be a response from them in regards to whether the statements of scripting are true?

It's unlikely that they will come out and give fans an answer on the latter, however, EA usually moves fairly quickly when it comes to fixing big glitches in the game, so we can expect this to be a thing of the past by the time Weekend League comes around.

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