EA FC 24 Soundtrack: Artists & songs

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EA FC 24 Soundtrack

EA Sports have moved on from FIFA and cut ties after 30 years of making a legendary football simulation. Now, EA FC 24 is coming, and the official release date is just moments away.

The EA FC 24 soundtrack is now officially out! FIFA has always been known for its catchy tunes, and some singers and bands became famous after featuring on FIFA soundtracks.

Let's take a look at the top songs in the FC 24 soundtrack!

EA FC 24 Soundtrack

Fred Again's meteoric rise to stardom has taken place over the past year, with seemingly everyone listening to the London-based artist's tracks over the summer.

FC 24 soundtrack
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With popular tracks like Delilah (pull me out of this), and Marea (we've lost dancing) getting over 300 million Spotify plays between them, it's no surprise that Fred Again is now finally in EA FC!

Top 10 EA FC 24 songs

FIFA soundtracks have become legendary, with many tracks on them finding a whole new audience who associate their song with some of the best times in their life.

It has been a while since a FIFA game had a banging soundtrack, with FIFA 14 & 15 probably the most recent truly awesome ones. However, every game has at least a few brilliant tracks on it.

Erling Haaland in EA FC 24
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BAH GAWD - That's Haaland's music!!!

There are 80 songs included in the EA FC 24 soundtrack and we suspect, this may be the BEST soundtrack that we have seen in a long time!

Superstar - Belters Only, Micky Modelle, Simone Denny

'Superstar' is a classic song that has been turned into a recent banger. This song will bring the party vibes to FC 24 and it will 100% be a fan favourite over this title!

They Don't Love It - Jack Harlow

Jack Harlow just had to be included in the FC 24 playlist with 'They Don't Love It' bringing the vibes to EA FC! This song feels like an old-school banger and we predict it will be one of the stand-out songs for the year!

Angry - Rolling Stones

Celebrating The Rolling Stones' new single 'Angry' now joins FC 24. We are sure there will be many fans buzzing with this song being included in the game as it brings the old-school vibes into the game while motivating players to play at a higher level!

V I B R A T I O N - Kaleena Zanders, Shift K3Y

This song brings the club vibes to the game, there's no better way to describe this song other than pure good vibes! This song will be a top hit in FC 24 and it won't be long until it is included in everyone's playlists!

I Can't Stay - Charli Brix, Visages, DRS

This song feels like a classic FIFA song and it is giving the best energy to the game. The high-beat tempo will get fans excited and hyped up going into matches!

Rumble - Skrillex, Fred Again..., Flowdan

Fans have been calling for it for ages now and it is finally happened. Fred Again has joined EA FC! Coming in with Skrillex's 'Rumble' this song is pure match day vibes getting everyone amped up to go into a game.

Longevity Flow - Stormzy

Now it wouldn't be complete vibes without Stormzy and that is exactly what EA Sports has done. 'Longevity Flow' is the perfect song to motivate players and get people grinding in the game!

Why You Waiting? - Doktor, Serum, Agent Sasco (Assassin)

'Why You Waiting' brings fun vibes into the game with the upbeat tempo with 'keep on going' and 'no you'll never stop' the main message in the game perfect for going into tricky FC 24 matches.

TOMMY - Walker.

Walker. joins FC 24 with 'TOMMY' bringing in similar vibes as Fred Again, this song is good vibes and is the perfect setting for FC 24. This song will be a huge hit this year!


Phone - MEDUZA, Sam Tompkins, Em Beihold

Meduza is just full of bangers and they have done it again with 'Phone' this song is an absolute banger with FC 24 fans are going to love!

These are out top 10 picks out of the full soundtrack but you can find all of the FC 24 soundtrack here!

Could you see yourself vibing to any of these tunes whilst playing Career Mode searching for wonderkids, or in Ultimate Team whilst recovering from a Weekend League win or loss?

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