EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Edition: Release date, perks & price

EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Edition cover

EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Edition cover

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EA Sports FC 24 is almost here, with official information regarding the new game already starting to spill out.

EA's primary focus appears to be on the Ultimate Edition of the game, with cover art revealed and more details arriving soon.

The Ultimate Edition, as seen in previous years, offers premium perks at a premium price, with this year's offering set to be better than ever.

Check below for everything you need to know about the EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Edition.

EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Edition

The EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Edition is the premium edition of the game, offering players who pre-order this edition major perks.

In the past, these perks have included premium packs, high-rated loan players and a further day of early access.

No perks have been confirmed yet for EA Sports FC 24's Ultimate Edition, but we'd expect EA to keep their offering the same.

EA Sports FC 24 cover art
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FRESH START - The FC24 cover has been confirmed

One thing that has been revealed for this edition is the brand new box art, with EA wasting no time to showcase the power of their new Hypermotion V technology.

Whilst some of the faces have left a lot to be desired, there are plenty of positives to take.

With further reveals coming soon, it's all eyes on what the EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Edition will have to offer.

Release Date & Price

French outlet Dealabs has reportedly received information regarding the official release date for EA Sports FC.

The report claims that, according to their information, the release date for EA FC has been set as September 29, 2023.

EA Sports FC 24
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NEW ERA - EA Sports FC 24 lands in 2023

If this release date proves to be correct for the base edition of the game, we can expect the Ultimate Edition to release around 2 days before, offering early access to those who pre-ordered.

As with previous years, premium perks come at a premium price and the Ultimate Edition of EA Sports FC 24 will likely come in at around £99.99.

This has not yet been confirmed and we will update this page as soon as we know more.

Early Access

As mentioned above, pre-ordering the Ultimate Edition of EA Sports FC 24 will grant you early access to the new game.

Starting a couple of days before full launch, early access allows you to experience all features before anyone else and get a hard start in modes like Ultimate Team.

The early access offering has been present for some time, with it almost certainly returning for EA Sports FC 24.


Right now, no perks have been confirmed for the Ultimate Edition of EA Sports FC 24.

However, you can expect a focus on Ultimate Team.

Ultimate Team ambassadors
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GET AHEAD - Pre-ordering the Ultimate Edition will get you exclusive perks

In previous years, we've seen premium packs, exclusive kits and high-rated loan items offered to those that pre-ordered the most expensive version of the game.

We'd expect this to remain the same for EA Sports FC, with the perks of the Ultimate Edition also set to feature the aforementioned early access.

We will update this page as soon as know the official Ultimate Edition perks.

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