FIFA Listicle: Which FIFA was the best?

FIFA Listicle: Which FIFA was the best?

The end of the FIFA gaming franchise is sadly among us, bringing some of the best childhood memories and moments from the past - we could not ask for more.

Whether you started playing since the first FIFA or from the beginning of Ultimate Team (FIFA 09) or even later than that, we all have amazing experiences of playing FIFA with friends, online or even offline.

Top 10 FIFA titles

10. FIFA 07

Potentially one of the most iconic FIFAs in Career Mode history as Career Mode had many features that later got removed in future titles. Features such as create a club, agents and coaches, all features that were later removed from the game and re-added as a 'new feature'.

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FIFA 07 introduced the "Interactive Leagues" feature, which allowed players to compete in online leagues that mirrored real-world football fixtures. This feature added an element of competition and realism to the game.

9. FIFA 97

FIFA 97 introduced 'indoor soccer' to the franchise, allowing players to experience fast-paced, five-a-side matches in enclosed, smaller arenas. This was a significant addition and a departure from the traditional 11-a-side outdoor gameplay.

The game also allowed players to create custom players and add them to their teams for the first time in the FIFA series.

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FIFA 97 featured 3D polygonal graphics, a notable advancement in visual quality for the game. The transition from 2D to 3D graphics marked a significant step forward in the presentation and realism of the game.

8. FIFA 2001

FIFA 2001 was the first game in the series to feature the FIFPro license, which allowed the inclusion of real player names, likenesses, and team logos. This marked a significant step forward in terms of authenticity and realism.

With Paul Scholes on the cover of FIFA 2001, the game was full of young players who ended up being some of the biggest names in world football!

FIFA 2001
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7. FIFA 13

FIFA 13 was the home of some of the most iconic soundtracks in FIFA history such as Imagine Dragons - On Top of the World, Kasabian - Club Foot, Madeon - Finale.

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FIFA 13 was also iconic for some of the best 'sweaty' cards with cards such as Emenike, Agbonlahor and Welliton. All cards that we used to hate playing against yet all tried out ourselves. Brasilvers (Brazilian silver cards) were also amazing to use in FIFA 13 such as Mayuka, Sterling and Wallyson.

6. FIFA 22

FIFA 22 had a huge improvement to the previous year's gameplay, this title was one of the most enjoyable titles we have had hence why it ranks higher than FIFA 21 and FIFA 23!

fifa 22
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5. FIFA Football 2003

FIFA 2003 was the first FIFA game to be released on multiple gaming platforms. With players being able to access the title on, PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, PC, and even the Game Boy Advance.

The beginning of skill moves as FIFA 2003 introduced the "Freestyle Control" feature. Allowing players to perform more advanced and creative moves, such as step-overs, flicks, and other tricks.

FIFA 2003
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FIFA 2003 introduced the 'FIFA Lounge' feature, which allowed players to compete in various skill challenges and mini-games outside of the regular matches, offering a more casual and fun gaming experience. This became one of the most iconic features in FIFA history where we created memories practicing new techniques and skills!

4. FIFA 11

Introduction of Player Career Mode and 'Be a goalkeeper'

FIFA 11 allowed players to create and customise their team's tactics, formation, and playing style to a greater degree, giving them more control over the strategies used in matches.

fifa 11
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3. FIFA 10

FIFA 10 introduced the Set Piece Creator, allowing players to design their own free-kick and corner-kick routines. This feature added a level of strategy and customisation to dead-ball situations.

fifa 10
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In FIFA 10's Online Team Play mode, players could join together in a lobby and participate in 10 vs. 10 matches. Each player controlled one player on the field, and they had the freedom to choose their positions and roles. This mode emphasised coordination and teamwork among the players, who controlled individual virtual players rather than controlling an entire team.

2. FIFA 14

FIFA 14 was an iconic title, not only for the game itself but mainly for the add-on of the World Cup mode, the first time EA had done this before! The World Cup mode in FIFA 14 was just as iconic as the tournament itself!

Legends were also introduced to FIFA 14 Ultimate Team allowing players to play with some of the most historic footballers from the past! This really added a new dimension and excitement to the game as legends were some of the best players in the game.

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FIFA 14 marked the transition to the next generation of gaming consoles, with releases on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It showcased improved graphics, animations, and physics, providing players with a glimpse of what the new consoles could offer.

1. FIFA 12

FIFA 12 holds a special place in the hearts of many FIFA players for several compelling reasons. Silver cards like El Shaarawy or Leite remain cemented in the brains of FIFA 12 players if you know, you know.

The game's soundtrack also left a lasting impression. FIFA 12's soundtrack was widely praised for its diverse and engaging selection of tracks, featuring artists from various genres.

fifa 12
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FIFA 12's legacy is tied to the concept of "sweaty players," match scripting, and occasional glitches. While these elements might have been frustrating at the time, they now serve as nostalgic reminders of the game's quirks and unpredictability. Sweaty players, known for their blistering pace and relentless style added excitement to matches. Match scripting, although controversial, led to dramatic comebacks and memorable moments. Even glitches, when viewed in hindsight, became part of the game's charm, creating amusing and unexpected scenarios.

FIFA 12 captured the essence of both competitive and casual play, making it a standout entry in the FIFA series and a cherished memory for fans of the franchise.

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11. FIFA 09

One of the most iconic FIFA's in history as FIFA 09 introduced the "Ultimate Team" mode, which allowed players to build and manage their own custom squads by acquiring and trading virtual player cards. This mode became extremely popular and was a precursor to the standalone "FIFA Ultimate Team" (FUT) mode in future titles.

We all have FIFA 09 to thank for this amazing game mode that we all know and love.

Pro Clubs was also released, however, you could only control real clubs and real players, thus this was not really Pro Clubs as we know it today.

fifa 09
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12. FIFA 18

FIFA 18 introduced "Icons" to the Ultimate Team mode, replacing the "Legends" from previous versions. Icons included legendary players from different eras of football, such as Pelé, Diego Maradona, Ronaldo, and Thierry Henry. These players were highly sought after and added excitement to the game.

FIFA 18 introduced Real Player Motion Technology, which improved the realism of player movements and animations. This technology made the gameplay feel smoother and more responsive.

13. FIFA 15

Another top-class year for the FIFA soundtrack featuring sounds such as Avicii - The Nights, FIFA 15 brings back a lot of memories from the soundtrack alone. FIFA 15 also brought the famous FUTTIES promo, one of the best promos of the year with the iconic pink cards!

14. FIFA 06

The game featured the "Road to FIFA World Cup" mode, allowing players to guide their chosen national team through the qualification process for the 2006 FIFA World Cup. FIFA 06 expanded its online capabilities, allowing players to compete against others worldwide.

15. FIFA Football 2002

The game featured a dedicated World Cup mode that allowed players to compete as one of the 32 participating national teams in a quest for the World Cup trophy. This mode added authenticity and excitement to the game. The "Road to FIFA World Cup" mode allowed players to experience the journey of a national team as they attempted to qualify for the World Cup.

fifa 2002
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16. FIFA 17

The famous feature, The Weekend League was introduced in FIFA 17 where players could compete every weekend in 30 matches to rank as high up on the leaderboard as possible. Players would then receive rewards based on their ranking.

The Journey was also introduced with characters such as Alex Hunter allowing you to create your own storyline in this mode!

17. FIFA 19

FIFA 19 was the first FIFA game to feature the UEFA Champions League, Europe's most prestigious club football competition. This inclusion added an extra layer of authenticity to the game and allowed players to experience the excitement of the Champions League in various modes.

Timed Finishing was introduced in FIFA 19. It allowed players to add precision and power to their shots by hitting the shoot button a second time at the right moment during the shooting animation.

18. FIFA 20

FIFA 20 introduced the VOLTA Football mode, which brought street football to the forefront. This mode allowed players to engage in small-sided matches in various urban environments, featuring custom characters and flashy, skill-based gameplay. It was a fresh and exciting addition to the FIFA series.

19. FIFA International Soccer

FIFA International Soccer was the very first game in the FIFA series, marking the beginning of what would become one of the most popular and enduring franchises in the sports video game genre. We owe a lot to this title and everyone that played the game as this was the very start of something special.

FIFA International Soccer laid the foundation for the FIFA series, which would continue to evolve and set new standards for football video games over the years.

fifa international soccer
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20. FIFA International Soccer

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FIFA International Soccer was the very first game in the FIFA series, marking the beginning of what would become one of the most popular and enduring franchises in the sports video game genre. We owe a lot to this title and everyone that played the game as this was the very start of something special.

FIFA International Soccer laid the foundation for the FIFA series, which would continue to evolve and set new standards for football video games over the years.


21. FIFA 23

FIFA 23 was the year of promos as EA Sports look to continue to bring out new cards every week, with the most 99-rated cards we have ever had in FIFA the game is full of amazing options for Ultimate Team.

FIFA 23 is also the last FIFA title in this series as EA Sports moves away from the FIFA franchise and they now go into EA FC 24.

fifa 23 cover
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22. FIFA 16

FIFA 16 saw the introduction of FUT Draft which allowed players to play with players that they don't own using the ability to draft a randomised team and formation every single FUT Draft Tournament.

23. FIFA 08

FIFA 08 introduced significant gameplay improvements, including the "Be a Pro" mode, which allowed players to control a single player on the field and experience the game from a unique perspective.

24. FIFA 21

FIFA 21 was the start of a new era as Kylian Mbappe featured on the front of the game. This FIFA was most known for its enjoyable gameplay and options with SBCs and Objectives.

25. FIFA: Road to World Cup 98

The game featured the official license of the 1998 FIFA World Cup held in France. This allowed players to experience the tournament with accurate team rosters, kits, stadiums, and branding

fifa 98
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26. FIFA Football 2004

FIFA 2004 introduced the Total Club Management feature, which allowed players to take on the role of both player and manager simultaneously. This added depth and strategy to the gameplay, allowing players to make decisions on and off the field.

27. FIFA 99

FIFA 99 felt much better to control as you could now turn quickly to fake a defender. FIFA 99 was the start of being able to control players more fluidly. One of the main downfall to this title was that R9 Ronaldo had a knee injury and was out for over a year meaning that he wasn't included in the game.

28. FIFA Soccer 95

FIFA Soccer 95 was the first game in the FIFA series to feature real player names. This was a huge step forward in terms of authenticity and realism, as previous the version used fictional player names due to licensing limitations.

One of the standout features of FIFA Soccer 95 was the introduction of an indoor soccer mode. This allowed players to experience fast-paced, five-a-side indoor matches, offering a different and enjoyable style of gameplay.

29. FIFA Soccer 96

FIFA Soccer 96 was the first FIFA game to feature 3D graphics, marking a significant technological advancement in the series. This transition to 3D graphics contributed to a more immersive and visually appealing gameplay experience.

fifa 96
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30. FIFA 2005

FIFA 2005 offered various multiplayer options, including local and online multiplayer modes, allowing players to compete against friends or opponents from around the world.

31. FIFA 2000: Major League Soccer

Major League Soccer was the first FIFA game to feature licensing for Major League Soccer (MLS). This was massive for EA Sports as they could target their local US audience more with this licensing.

FIFA 2000 featured three iconic cover stars: Pelé, Alessandro Del Piero, and Edgar Davids. The presence of the legendary Pelé added to the game's appeal.

fifa 2000
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It is worth noting that it is almost impossible to rank FIFA titles as there are many that have their own memories making each title special.

The titles at the bottom of this list are not bad, they just may not have created as many special moments as other titles did!

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