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WWE 2K22 is using the same face scan tech as NBA 2K22

WWE 2K22 is still a few months away, but new behind the scenes footage of NBA 2K22 could actually be a sign of what's to come.

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NBA 2K22 was announced to major fanfare in the last few days, and it looks like they're sharing technology with the upcoming WWE 2K22.

NBA 2K22 showcases behind the scenes face scan technology

NBA 2K22 released a new video showing fans a behind the scenes look at 75th Anniversary Edition cover athlete Dirk Nowitzki getting a new face scan for the game.


Sharp eyed gamers may have recognized the high tech facial scanning camera rig that was showcased in the video, and it's not the first time we've seen it.

The exact same rig was featured a few months ago in a behind the scenes video for the development of WWE 2K22.


WWE 2K22 is using the exact same facial scanning tech

With a lot of work left to be done in repairing the image of the WWE 2K series, it's no surprise that the development team at Visual Concepts and publishers 2K Sports want fans to see the work they're putting in.

We saw a behind the scenes video posted to the WWE 2K Dev account on Twitter back in May, and it's featuring the exact same camera rig.

WWE 2K22 face scan facial scanning technology tech NBA 2K22
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NATURE BOY: Ric Flair is seen here in the same camera rig

The same video also featured footage of Booker T, and highlighted the mobility of the rig, which we also saw in the new footage for NBA 2K22.


WWE 2K22 graphics could look better than ever

Ultimately, improved graphics are what this is all about, and that's crucial following the criticism that WWE 2K20 received.

WWE 2K20 was lambasted by critics and fans alike for a plethora of issues, some of the most hilarious being absurd glitches that plagued the game at launch.

However, one of the other big complaints, especially by longtime fans of the series, was that it looked notably worse than WWE 2K19 had just one year earlier.

The NBA 2K series has long been on the cutting edge of graphics in a sports sim game, and it often receives updates to player likenesses and new face scans even after being released.

By comparison, the WWE 2K series has taken more of a "you get what you get" approach to roster and likeness changes, tending to keep things as they are when the title is launched.

We've already seen great signs via the first trailer that was released for WWE 2K22, and the fact that Visual Concepts is carrying over the design tech they use for NBA 2K22 into their work on WWE 2K22 very good news.

We'll hopefully get a closer look at WWE 2K22 with a gameplay trailer in the coming weeks, but in the meantime fans can turn to NBA 2K22 and consider how the things it does right could carry over to WWE 2K22.