How can WWE get the best out of Moustache Mountain?

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(Photo credit: Tony2Times)

Competition in the WWE's tag team ranks is pretty solid at the moment, with some of more interesting rivalries in the company coming from that division. From The Usos' lengthy feud with The New Day, to NXT's gripping war between DIY and The Revival, the creative team are certainly bringing life back into an area that was for a long time, rather stagnant.  

Under the radar?

There is a pairing however, that at present seem to be slipping under the radar somewhat and given their relatively scarce opportunities thus far, alongside their performances outside of the WWE, would be an incredible addition to the tag division. That team is the UK duo of Tyler Bate and Trent Seven who are known collectively as Moustache Mountain. 

The boys from The Midlands, England, have developed a huge reputation on their home patch, establishing themselves as one the best tag teams on the domestic scene. Rev Pro Wrestling and Progress is where the duo have performed their some of their best work, proving that they are just as capable in the ring as they are with performance side of things. While Bate is the superior athlete and wrestler, Seven absolutely oozes charisma and acts as a very amusing mouthpiece to the pair.  

Moustache Mountain possess a unique in-ring chemistry and are extremely popular with the hardcore British fans. Their ability to participate in proper wrestling spectacles, as well as the less serious, comedy matches are a mere demonstration of their flexibility, which would serve them well in the bigger shows. As previously mentioned, the WWE have not given either man as much time as they deserve on televised events, although Tyler Bate has been seen more frequently, after all he was the first ever UK champion. But even so, it's not enough in my very humble opinion.  

Bate was involved in one of the matches of last year when he went one on one with the WWE UK Champ Pete Dunne, in a rematch of the United Kingdom Championship Tournament at Takeover Chicago. Though it was in a losing effort, the 20-year-old stole the show alongside compatriot, 'The Bruiserweight', in a performance that will remain long in the memory. This match along with a very strong showing in the UK tournament have seemingly earned him a spot on 205 Live, but is this the right direction for the WWE to maximise his potential? 

 What would be best for Moustache Mountain?

In my opinion, Moustache Mountain are still very much an attraction on the UK scene and effectively use their connections to the McMahon empire to great comedic effects on the Indies. They were involved in one hell of a main event against Japanese-based faction Suzuki Gun in a recent Progress show, cementing the fact that they still have huge appeal in their home nation.  

Alternatively, both have shown that they are comfortably talented enough to make a significant impact in NXT initially, then on Raw or SmackDown further down the line. The NXT tag team roster is pretty lively at the moment with the likes of the Authors of Pain, TM61, Sanity and current champions, The Undisputed Era leading the charge. There is a gap in the brand for a British team and I couldn’t think of a better duo to step into that void.  

Tyler Bate appears to have the higher stock of the two and would be expected to succeed more as a singles competitor. We have not seen enough of Seven to really know where he'd stand, but from his previous work, there is little doubt that he'd adapt seamlessly. It would be an idea though for the WWE to keep the two as a unit and have them compete against some of the promising teams that are involved in the NXT tag division. Maybe a in the future, a split would be beneficial to both but for now, they could really elevate themselves as one of the best tag teams in the entire WWE.  


What do you think the best path is for Moustache Mountain? Let us know in the comments below!

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