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New Valorant "Orion" Skin Bundle Leaked: Release date, weapon lineup, and more

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A screenshot of Deadlock from "SUNSET // Official Map Trailer - VALORANT" YouTube video.
Credit: Riot Games

An upcoming sci-fi-themed Valorant skin bundle has been leaked, making waves in the Valorant community. After the incredible dragon-themed Episode 7 Act 2 launch bundle, Imperium, players are eager to see what the following new skin lines have to offer.

Based on the image shared, the upcoming bundle features a sleek futuristic design for the Frenzy, Phantom, Vandal, Odin, and melee knife. This bundle is called “Orion”.

Riot Games has always been known for developing stunning and well-executed skin designs, and Valorant is no exception. The new bundle leans towards the tried-and-true side thematically, with a more Gundam-esque design.

Valorant “Orion ” skin bundle release date

The new "Orion" skin bundle should go live on 18 October 2023 in tandem with Patch 7.08, and when Gaia’s Vengeance 2.0 leaves the store. The bundle includes a skin for the Frenzy, Phantom, Vandal, Odin, and melee knife.

A leaked image of the upcoming Gundam-themed Valorant skin bundle, "Titan".
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Credit: ValorLeaks

It is still unknown whether "Orion" will feature unique effects or animations, or whether the collection will include gunbuddies, player cards, and sprays. However, given its release right after Gaia’s Vengeance 2.0, it is highly unlikely that it will introduce new VFX.

Valorant “Orion” skin bundle price

The anticipated prices for the complete bundle are 5100 Valorant points. The melee weapon on its own is expected to be around 2550, and individual weapon skins should be priced at 1275 each."

What are Valorant skin bundles?

Valorant Bundles are collections of cosmetics that can either be bought individually or all together for a reduced bundle price.

All bundles are only available for a limited time. After they are retired from the store, players will no longer be able to obtain any gunbuddies, player cards, or sprays that came from that bundle. Weapon skins however can still become available by other means through the store's daily offers, a Night Market, or special bundles like the Run It Back Bundle.

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