Valorant Agent 22 Everything We Know - abilities, codename, and release date

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Valorant Agent 22 has been under speculation for a while due to several leaks of information.

However, Riot Games have now revealed some teasers for agent 22 in their State of Agents for 2023.

This has led the community to get even more excited and speculate about what cryptic messages could mean.

This is a typical move for Riot Games, with no official information just yet, a lot of the information we have for agent 22 is speculation.

But, agent 22 is looking to take the game in an exciting new direction with new mechanics and more.

So, let's look at all of the information we currently have for agent 22 and what players can expect to find in the Valorant new agent.

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Valorant Agent 22 Speculated Abilities

The recent announcement of the State of Agents in 2023 revealed some interesting messages about the new agent.

Many in the community are expecting a controller type of agent due to the cryptic messages surrounding their abilities.

In the video, it was mentioned that agent 22 will have new ways to check corners, new ways to get onto locations and ways to plant the spike.

As these abilities all have some sort of control of the battlefield, a controller would make sense.

However, John Gosciciki goes on to discuss how...

'not everyone needs to be so aggressive'

in Valorant matches. So, maybe the new agent could actually be a support player with a happy disposition.

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Agent 22 Codename

Leaks from @ValorLeaks detailed the codename of agent 22 in Valorant too.

With a codename of 'SmokeDancer,' it's highly possible that they will be using smoke within their abilities.

Mike is a very reputable leaker, so it is highly possible this leak is correct.

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