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Everything You Need To Know About Valorant Gaia’s Vengeance 2.0 Collection

Gaia's Vengeance 2.0
Credit: Riot Games

We got a new bundle coming to Valorant! If you're a fan of the nature-like looking skins, you'll love the fact that Gaia's Vengeance 2.0 is a reality.

Previously reliable leakers and dataminers such as ValorLeaks confirmed that Gaia's Vengeance 2.0 bundle was in development and coming to the game back in March, and we got the full details regarding its release date now.

So with that said, let's take a look at everything you need to know about the Gaia's Vengeance 2.0 skins, including release date, which guns are part of the bundle, and the cost.

Gaia's Vengeance 2.0 - Release date and cost

While we don't have 100% confirmation, considering how reliable are the leakers sharing this information, we can safely assume that Gaia's Vengeance 2.0 skins will come out on 4 October.

The collection will replace the current premium bundle in the featured section of the Valorant in-game store. As for the cost, according to Valorant Updates, these will be the prices for the entire bundle and individual skins:

  • Bundle price: 7100 VP
  • Price per Gun: 1775 VP
  • Melee Price: 4350 VP

Gaia's Vengeance 2.0 - All skins

Sadly, we don't have the full rundown of which skins will be a part of the bundle. It's expected that the Phantom gets the Gaia's Vengeance treatment. The 1.0 bundle had a Vandal featured, and Riot Games rarely ships a collection without either of the rifles as part of it.

Of course, we'll be updating this article once Riot Games decides to showcase the entire bundle. These collections come with more than just skins, as they always have extra goodies like Player Cards, Gun Buddies, and sometimes Sprays.

And that's it! We'll have more Valorant skin updates in the future so keep tabs on our site if you don't want to miss a thing. Speaking of content, check out our up to date Valorant Agent tier list to help you choose a main.

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