*UPDATED* Valorant Agent Codename Smokedancer Leaked - everything you need to know

Valorant has had some new leaks for agent 22 revealed consisting of the potential code name.

With the new act being released soon, players in the community are expecting a new agent to come along with the content.

However, with no official updates from Riot Games just yet, it can be a bit of a long wait to find out the news.

Luckily, data miners have gotten some pieces of information to give hints as to the new agent.

But, unless this has been officially confirmed by Riot, then we should always take this information with a pinch of salt.

So, let's look at everything we know about agent 22 in Valorant and all the leaks that may lead us to the answer.

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*UPDATED* Riot Games Reveal New Teasers for Agent 22

Riot Games have released their State of Agents for 2023 which has led to speculation about agent 22.

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Agent 22 Codename Leaked

Our usual suspect @ValorLeaks has once again provided the Valorant community with their wisdom.

This wisdom comes in the form of a new leaked codename for agent 22 in the game.

Excitement surrounding this tweet was pretty good as the community wondered how their design would look.

But, further comments from Mike suggested that this may not be agent 22, but most likely just another agent in development.

Also, it's important to consider the importance of a codename too.

Sometimes, Valorant developers simply just use any code name which is nothing to do with the new agent.

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Fan Reaction to the new Valorant Leak

Comments below this tweet have suggested that this may actually be another Omen-inspired agent.

Other commenters on the tweet have suggested some possible features of this new agent and how they may play.

However, it was revealed that the next agent would be another sentinel agent.

But, the community should take this information with caution due to the nature of leaks.

Until we get official confirmation from Riot Games, we can never be sure of what to expect.

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