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Valorant Creator Builds Functional Killjoy Turret

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Killjoy turret
Credit: Riot Games

The dedication and craftsmanship of some Valorant content creators can't be matched. Such is the case of YouTuber Danny Lum, who managed to build a functioning Killjoy turret powered by AI to track movement and shoot on sight!

This feat of engineering took over six months for Danny and his crew to figure out. Naturally, the gun fires non-lethal projectiles (just in case you needed confirmation), however, the real-life Killjoy turret does pack a punch, with a few members getting small bruises after doing a few rounds of painful testing.

In his 20-minute long video, Danny details every part of the process and even the fact that he got to partner with Red Bull to help him out during the process of creating Killjoy's sentry turret.

Danny had to find the right tools to make the shooting have some weight without being too dangerous, a way for him to reload the turret's magazine without dismantling it, and a few other caveats. The biggest one, of course, is how to make the sentry track targets.

He added an AI vision sensor, with the idea that it would recognise targets by scanning their faces. But what if they turned around?

Creating a unique code that lets him utilise the face recognition tech of the AI sensor and modify it to be colour-coded, Danny made the Killjoy turret able to determine whether someone was an enemy or an ally.

The entire video is a fascinating look at how engineering is applied to a very fun project that every Valorant fan will enjoy, especially if you're a Killjoy main.

So there you have it! If you ever wanted to live your dreams of becoming a real-life Sentinel like Killjoy, locking down areas with your utility, simply follow Danny's steps! How hard can it be?

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