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How to Use Head Movement in UFC 5

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UFC 5: two players are fighting

EA Sports released a new part of the sports simulator UFC 5 on 27 October 2023. This year's fighting game has become much more realistic and spectacular, and to win you should master defence and learn all about the career mode. If you have learned about the basic mechanics in the game, then it is the right time to become competent in how to use head movement in UFC 5.

Head movement is one of the most crucial components of any fight, as it helps to protect the fighter's face from being hit. Using this mechanic correctly can give you an advantage over your opponent. Without further ado, learn how to use head movement with us.

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How to use head movement in UFC 5

UFC 5: two players are fighting
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Dodging a punch in time and throwing a punch in return can affect the outcome of the entire match. Each fighter has a characteristic that is responsible for head movement, which is essential when choosing a character before a fight. Let's look at when gamers can use head movement:

  • In stand-up position
  • In grapple on the ground

Let's take a look at the controls responsible for head movement in UFC 5:

  • On PS: Move right stick to the left or right
  • On Xbox: Move right stick to the left or right

You can also perform these moves with the block, just hold down R2 on PS (or RT on Xbox) and move the right stick.

In addition to the basic controls, there are advanced moves that are equally important during a fight:

Stand-up advanced movement

UFC 5: two players are fighting
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Action Xbox Series X|S Controls PS5 Controls
Minor LungeFlick Left StickFlick Left Stick
Major LungeHold LB + Move Left StickHold L1 + Move Left Stick
Pivot LungeHold LB + Move Right StickHold L1 + Move Right Stick
Signature EvadeHold LB + Flick Left StickHold L1 + Flick Left Stick
Switch StanceTap right stickTap R3

These controls are not only responsible for head movements but also for the whole body. You should master them to take less damage in battle.

You can combine head movements and strikes, which will greatly strengthen your skills and affect the outcome of matches. We recommend using practice mode to find all possible head movement strike combinations.

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