UFC 5: Career Mode explained

Career Mode in UFC 5 brings changes and new features

Career Mode in UFC 5 brings changes and new features

The long-awaited UFC simulation is coming on 27 October 2023. We already know who will be the UFC 5 cover stars and who will fill the UFC 5 roster. Some of the most exciting fighters to feature in this year’s edition are Conor McGregor and Mike Tyson. The UFC 5 Career Mode comes with changes, and we talk about those changes here.

Take a look at the UFC 5 new features and latest news. Stay with us for more info as the game release date approaches.

Now, we discuss the details about the changes to Career Mode.

UFC 5 Career Mode changes

The UFC 5 Career Mode in the game is getting a whole new introduction. The player will be welcomed by Valentina Shevchenko, along with Coach Davis, who will guide the player through their career.

There will be new cinematics and locations, with a focus on refining the onboarding process. The training camp is also being updated, allowing players to simulate training and sparring to improve fitness and get to the fights faster.

UFC 5 Career Mode will be the best one yet
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Career Mode comes with changes

The challenge packs are going to make a difference in career mode as well. Once a challenge pack is finished, the player will receive a grade (B or A) and can simulate it to earn fitness and evolution points, which can be used to buy more perks and attributes.

New features

There are also new features in-game, such as fan social media challenges, where fans ask players to do certain things in fights. If accepted and completed, players will gain more hype and fans for their upcoming fights. However, declining a challenge will result in a disappointed fan.

Additionally, there are new sponsorship opportunities in the UFC 5 Career Mode, including PRIME Hydration, Toyo Tires, ESPN+, and Venum. Signing with these sponsors will provide more opportunities, but spending more time on social media will result in less time for training, which can negatively affect upcoming fights.

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