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PES 2021: 7 things we want to see – Cross Platform, Gameplay, Game Modes & more

There is still no official date for PES 2021, although we will surely find out more soon.

Whether the game comes as a season update or not, here are seven things we want to see on PES 2021.

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Cross Platform

Something all fans can agree on.

Being able to play cross platform should become a formality, especially when the PS5 and Xbox Series X are released later this year.

cod warzone
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SUCcESS! Games like Call of Duty Warzone have been a huge success having enabled cross platform play.


The My Club mode would certainly benefit from cross platform play to allow players to play with others who may have different consoles.

If EA do not introduce cross platform play to FIFA 21, this could be a major selling point for Konami.


Across the PES community there are some areas of the gameplay that have been highlighted as need improving.

Tactics is a major area where players want more control over individual instructions alongside the basic tactics of the team.

PES tactics control
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YOUR TEAM! We want greater control over specific tactics for each player.


A better balance between tactics and the players ability to carry out the instructions would be a useful addition to the game.

Stamina is another aspect of the game that many players want altered, with fullbacks in particular tiring towards the end of games.

Master League

PES 2020’s biggest area of success.

Master League is way ahead of FIFA Career Mode right now, with just the team licenses holding them back.

PES Master League 2020 Diego Maradonna
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GREAT STUFF! Diego Maradonna is on Master League, what more could you want?


Konami should not be content with this though, so we would love to see more from them.

Can they bring more depth into storylines and your career decision making? Could we see rivalries created in a war of words with another manager? Only time will tell.


Konami’s biggest weakness.

Licenses pes 2020
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MORE! Konami have grabbed the license for some top clubs, but they must keep going.


Stadium, team, and player licenses make such a key difference to the game.

FIFA fans are still grumbling about ‘Piemonte Calcio’ and that is just one team without its name or kit.

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The more licenses Konami bring in the better.

Online Play

Many PES fans would like to see a competitive online league.

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Whether it requires a specific number of matches to be played or is more of a ranking system, PES 2021 would benefit from a proper online league.

This could also include a transfer list where negotiation can be done between players too.


New Game Modes

As PES 2021 looks more likely to be an update, we doubt any new game modes will be released.

The Next Gen consoles could see PES 2022 introduce something new but we will have to wait for that.

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Like EA did with Volta, could Konami bring out an all new game mode to excite fans?


A bit of a glorified kick off mode at the moment, we would like to see a refresh to the Matchday game mode.

Can PES make Matchday more meaningful, maybe introduce new competitions and rewards in other areas of the game?

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