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When can you play NHL 23?

We're just days away from the launch of NHL 23, and it'll be yet another storied installment in this longstanding hockey simulation series.

If you're itching to hit the ice, we've got details on exactly when gamers will finally be able to play NHL 23.

When can you play NHL 23?

As the NHL season also prepares to get rolling, we're now just days away from the launch of EA Sports NHL 23.

The newest arrival from this franchise will once again push things forward with upgraded graphics and gameplay, and they've even got crossplay on deck for a post-launch update.

The official worldwide NHL 23 release date is set for Friday, October 14, 2022, but there are a few ways players can get in on the action even earlier.

PRE ORDER NOW: Secure your copy of NHL 23 before it arrives

NHL 23 early access countdown
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TICK TOCK: We're getting closer and closer to the launch of NHL 23

With the EA Play Trial or special Early Access, players will be able to start enjoying NHL 23 on Tuesday, October 11, 2022.

The game is currently scheduled for a Midnight ET release, which for clarity would mean it'll unlock at 11pm CT on Monday, October 10, 2022.

How do you get Early Access to play before launch?

The best way to make sure you're in as soon as possible on NHL 23 would be to secure your pre order of the X-Factor Edition today.

Players will receive a plethora of in-game rewards in addition to three days of Early Access and the ability to start playing long before the worldwide release.

However, for players who are still on the fence about things and want to try the game out before committing to their purchase, there's also good news.

If you're a subscriber to EA Play or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you'll gain access to the 10 hour EA Play Trial of NHL 23 when it goes live on October 11.

Like other major EA Sports releases, the NHL 23 trial will provide unrestricted access to the game itself, but it'll only last for 10 hours.

After the 10 hour time limit expires, players will have to purchase the full version of NHL 23 if they want to keep playing.

There's also a chance that NHL 23 EA Play Trial will go live even earlier, as the Madden 23 Trial went live about 12 hours earlier than originally announced.

If that happens, players with pre order Early Access can still play the EA Play Trial (if they're a subscriber) until the unlock time for Early Access triggers.

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