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NHL 23 adds rat cannons, interactive Stanley Cup celebration, national anthems & more

NHL 23 is now less than a month away, and the latest deep dive revealed massive upgrades to the game's presentation.

We've got details on the new interactive Stanley Cup celebration, and NHL 23 will also be getting several arena and equipment upgrades.

NHL 23 adds new interactive Stanley Cup celebration based on storylines

With the launch of NHL 23 creeping ever closer, the latest deep dive showcased this year's presentation upgrades.

Right out of the gate, EA highlighted the new interactive Stanley Cup celebration, as this had just been a static cutscene in the past.

In NHL 23, you'll actually get the option to choose who holds the Stanley Cup during the celebration from a list of players.

NHL 23 presentation Stanley Cup
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MAKE YOUR PICK: You choose who gets to hold the Stanley Cup

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The names on that list are populated based on "approximately 65 different stories" that are being tracked throughout your journey to the finals.

The names might include the veteran that has never won the Stanley Cup or the Assistant Captain that also leads the team in goals, and after your selection there will be unique commentary explaining why that player holding the cup is significant.

The entire sequence has new motion capture, there are additional effects added, and you'll get to see the winning team's players etched on the Stanley Cup itself.

Arenas upgrades include... rat cannons?

When it comes to in-game presentation, nothing will shine more in NHL 23 than the arenas themselves.

Major changes include an overhaul to crowd audio to improve the variety of reactions, on-ice projections like at actual NHL games, and fans holding light sticks with customizable colors.

National anthems also join the game finally, and you'll hear a few final chords of the respective national anthem as the players are lined up on the ice.

NHL 23 national anthem
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REPRESENT: You can select from several national anthem options

Augmented reality overlays will keep you updated on league leaderboards like most goals... oh did you want to know about the rat cannons?

So, EA took the idea of a hat cannon when you score a hat trick and extrapolated that into something delightfully absurd.

You can customize which objects are shot out of a cannon for your hat trick celebration, and your options are: hats, alien plushies, teddy bears, roses, fish, and plastic rats.

NHL 23 rat cannons
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SHOW US THE RATS: Sadly, we didn't get video of the rat cannons going off

They did at least clarify that the rats are plastic, and you're not littering the ice with dead rodents, but they didn't confirm whether the fish are also plastic.

These were highlighted primarily as World of Chel or EASHL options, but hopefully they will also be available for custom arenas in Franchise Mode.

Equipment and likeness upgrades showcase new tech

Finally, the last chunk of this NHL 23 presentation deep dive showed off some of the likeness and equipment updates that are on the way.

EA highlighted some of the new shaders and other tech they'll be using, but the endgame means better player likenesses across the board.

NHL 23 metallic metal
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ALL METAL EVERYTHING: New metallic material options have arrived

They're also pushing some of this new tech with the addition of metal options when customizing equipment, even gloves, and the colors are fully customizable.

Another major equipment upgrade many fans will be excited for is the mirrored visor reminiscent of one previously used by Alex Ovechkin.

As the deep dive wrapped up, EA confirmed that their next look at NHL 23 will highlight the game modes players will experience this year.

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