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NHL 23: 10 best custom team names commentary will actually say in Franchise Mode

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NHL 23 Franchise Mode gives players the opportunity to create custom teams, and several potential team names have been recorded by commentary.

If you're hoping for the full experience with your custom team in NHL 23 Franchise Mode, we've picked out some standout names you'll get to hear commentary rattle off.

NHL 23: 10 best custom team names commentary will actually say in Franchise Mode

If you're looking to create your own custom team in NHL 23 Franchise Mode, it can be difficult to choose the perfect name.

One big piece of the puzzle players may consider is whether the play by play commentary for NHL 23 will actually be able to say that team name.

Even if you've got the right look, for some there's a level of immersion broken when commentary won't say your team's name.

NHL 23 Franchise Mode
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DECISIONS: Choosing the right name will set the tone for your team

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While players are free to type in whatever team name they like, there is a lengthy list containing dozens of play by play team names you'll actually hear the game's commentary rattle off.

Here, we're taking a look at 10 of the best custom team names you can pick in NHL 23 that will actually be spoken by commentary in Franchise Mode:

Bacon Country

Starting simple, there's just something undeniably perfect about being a team of physical powerhouses called Bacon Country.

Whether you'd like to communicate a team that supports pig farmers or simply a love of bacon itself, you get the opportunity to hear commentary shout Bacon Country every game.


There are several callbacks to movies and pop culture in these names, and few are more iconic that Goodfellas.

If you're a fan of the 1990 mob movie classic, take your Goodfellas onto the ice and make your opponent sleep with the frozen fishes.

Kitten Mittens

Another name that's just too perfectly fun to pass up, Kitten Mittens is not to be confused with Kittens which is also on the list.

Anyone who has played with young felines knows how deadly their playful paws can be, and you can even intimidate opponents by littering the ice after a hat trick with the dead rats those Kitten Mittens killed.

Mighty Ducks

There might not be a more famous hockey team from the 1990s than The Mighty Ducks from the beloved Disney movie trilogy.

If you want to relive that hype, simply steal the Anaheim Ducks logo and make commentary introduce the Mighty Ducks to NHL 23 Franchise Mode.


Another movie nod arrives from Space Jam, as it seems almost too fitting to call a physical hockey team the Monstars.

You can create a Mascot that looks straight out of Space Jam, but try not to lose at the end like the Monstars did.

Mystery Incorporated

If you want to add some intrigue, or are simply a longtime fan of Scooby Doo, it's hard to beat the opportunity to lead Mystery Incorporated into battle.

Unfortunately, the addition of hat trick cannons this year didn't include the ability to have them shoot Scooby Snacks onto the ice.

Nation Of Domination

Any longtime WWE fans may remember the iconic Nation of Domination faction that included greats like Faarooq, The Rock, Owen Hart, Ahmed Johnson, Mark Henry, and more.

NHL 23 gives you the chance to bring that faction once introduced as from "Streets of the Hood" to the ice.

Purple Cobras

If anyone remembers the movie Dodgeball, you may wince at mention of the devastating Purple Cobras from Globo Gym.

There are even some snake styled logos you can edit in NHL 23 to give yourself that true we will rock you Purple Cobras feel.

Pesky Sens

Perhaps the most fun inclusion for some fans, the Ottawa Senators earned the nicknamed Pesky Sens after an improbable run in the 2012-13 season.

If you're feeling the nostalgia from that time period or watched it happen, you can relive that by taking the Pesky Sens into Franchise Mode.

Upside Downies

While some of the pop culture nods here managed to be pretty exact, you can always go silly with the Stranger Things-inspired team of the Upside Downies.

You might not be able to make your mascot look exactly like The Demogorgon, but with the right color choices you can make something equally terrifying.

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