NHL 22: How to transfer HUT from Current Gen to Next Gen on PS4, PS5, Xbox

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NHL 22 is in full swing, but there's something really special for players this time. You can now transfer your HUT 22 team from current gen to next gen.

This is huge because there are more chances now to pick up next gen consoles and players were worried that their Hockey Ultimate Team wouldn't transfer.

Let's go over the process and help you get your NHL 22 HUT team transferred.


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NHL 22 HUT Transfer / Content Migration

This announcement came with a few others on December 9 and detailed that players would now be able to transfer their HUT 22 squad between platforms.

However, it isn't the easiest process and some players will need to be walked through it to make it slightly simpler, which is why we're here.

NHL 22 HUT Transfer
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MIGRATION: Move your HUT team from one console to the next!

We'd like you to keep in mind that you can only perform an NHL 22 HUT transfer from PS4 to PS5 and Xbox One to Xbox Series X|S.


We'll go over more of the details of the HUT transfer below.

Requirements for an NHL 22 HUT Transfer

If you're planning on performing an NHL 22 HUT transfer, the first thing you'll need is a new system. So if you were on Xbox One, you'll need an Xbox Series X|S, same with PS4 to PS5.

There is actually another thing you'll need to make sure of and its that you haven't already made a HUT 22 squad on the system you plan to transfer your current gen team to. Otherwise it won't work.

NHL 22 HUT Transfer Roster Sharing
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ROSTER SHARING: Roster Sharing is now available in NHL 22 as well

Another requirement is that users can protect up to 20 player items and one coach in their current lineup and transfer those over to a new console.


Aside from those 20 player items and a single coach, everything else will be calculated and evaluated for determining the number of tradeable Packs to be rewarded in Hockey Ultimate Team on their new console.

How to perform the NHL 22 HUT Transfer

Now that you've made your selection of the 20 player items and coach you're planning on keeping, you can begin to perform the NHL 22 HUT transfer.

It's not a difficult process, but can be tough to navigate if you aren't sure what you're looking for as you perform it. It'll begin by going to your HUT screen on your new system.

NHL 22 HUT Transfer screen
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HOW TO TRANSFER: The beginning of your transfer will look like this

Here is a walkthrough on how to perform the NHL 22 HUT transfer:

  • Select Hockey Ultimate Team from the Main Menu
  • On the HUT Welcome screen, you’ll have the option to ‘Upgrade From Last Gen’ or ‘Create New HUT Team
  • Select ‘Upgrade From Last Gen
  • View the in-game information screens and confirm your option

Once you've confirmed your options, the transfer will begin at the end you'll see:

  • 20 players in Active Lineup and Coach will be sent to your Item Inbox
  • Active Arena, Logo, Jerseys will be sent to your Item Inbox
  • Collectibles (if applicable) will be sent to your Item Inbox
  • Unopened Packs will be available in your Unopened Packs section
  • New Packs from the account valuation will be available in your Unopened Packs section as well
  • HUT Champions Points

It's important to note that the items you transferred will still be available on your NHL 22 current gen system, but will change to "untradeable".