NHL 22 Franchise Mode: Deep Dive reveals this year's new features

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NHL 22 Franchise Mode is just one of the many highly anticipated game modes as this year's title moves onto Next Gen for the first time.

With the addition of Superstar X Factors running through every part of the game, here's everything we know about the new features headed to NHL 22 Franchise Mode.

Latest - Roster Sharing is coming post-launch this year

One of the most requested features is officially coming to NHL 22 Franchise Mode, as Roster Sharing was confirmed in the most recent Deep Dive.

This feature will allow players to build rosters and share them online as community creations that other players can search for and download.

Unfortunately, this feature won't be in the game at launch. It's still in progress, and they're targeting an early December 2021 release for a patch update that would include this feature.

They've also confirmed that if you craft a unique roster at launch, you should still be able to upload it once the feature goes live, and will not have to create the roster from scratch post-update.

NHL 22: Franchise Mode Deep Dive

While we had bits and pieces before, much of what we've learned about NHL 22 Franchise Mode came from the deep dive looking at both it and Be A Pro.

You can watch the full deep dive below if you want to see this year's upcoming upgrades for yourself.

We've learned quite a bit from each of these dives, but Franchise Mode might have been the one of the game modes with the highest expectations so far.

Fortunately, it looks like all the great features will land at launch, something fellow EA Sports property Madden 22 has struggled with.

We know that Be A Pro is aiming to improve long-term goals to keep the mode interesting and engaging over several years of progress, and those storyline additions could be something we also see in Franchise.

Expansion Draft and X Factors with Scouting to spice things up

With the addition of the Seattle Kraken to the NHL, it's no shock that they've now integrated the unique Expansion Draft into NHL 22 Franchise Mode.


You'll now have the opportunity to choose either the Kraken or an Expansion Team of your own before embarking on an Expansion Draft in NHL 22 Franchise Mode.

On top of that, Superstar X Factors will of course find their way to NHL 22 Franchise Mode where they'll integrate with Scouting.

NHL 22 Franchise Mode
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SCOUTING: NHL 22 will get new Scouting before Madden at this rate

Fog of War will still play a role in the Scouting system for NHL 22 Franchise Mode, and you'll now be working towards finding out which Superstar X Factor each prospect may have.

Certain details are still unclear, but things like how many players in a given Franchise will have a Superstar X Factor ability could be adjustable at the creation of a new NHL 22 Franchise Mode save.

The league density of X Factors is one of the many Franchise settings currently available in Madden 22, and NHL 22 is clearly taking cues from them when it comes to the integration of X Factors.