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06 Jul 2020

The Sims 5 Xbox Series X Price: Release Date, Trailer, Next-Gen, PS5 & More

The Sims 5 Xbox Series X Price: Release Date, Trailer,
Next-Gen, PS5 & More

Without any official statement on the cost of next-gen titles, we're going to have to assume the worst.

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Xbox Series X Price

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Release Date

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EA has remained relatively tight-lipped about the upcoming Sims game, and that's just regarding current-gen platforms.

We still have absolutely no clue what games on the PS5 and Xbox Series X will cost, since neither company wishes to reveal their cards at this critical stage in development.

Hopefully, the community will get a much-needed update soon, but for now, let's consider how The Sims 5 will look on Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X Price

EA has a track record of releasing new Sims titles as PC exclusives for the first few years, before including other platforms into the equation.

sims 5 price

IT'S A FOOL'S GAME: There isn't enough official information available to provide an update on the price

But with next-gen coming into the equation before the game is expected to release, this year could be different.

And to make things even more tricky, every previous generational upgrade (such as the leap from PS3 to PS4) has seen the average price of games rise considerably.

The upcoming simulator will likely reflect this technological leap, but it is too early to be making uneducated guesses.

Release Date

The Sims 5 is rumoured to release in 2021, but this may not cover it's release on next-gen consoles.


PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE: Without an official release date for The Sims 5 on Xbox series X, all claims have no real backing

Considering EA's track history of releases, we think that the game is likely to release later than the PC release date.

At this point it's anyone's guess, but with the next Sims title expected to be kitted out with the best graphics ever, EA could change their strategy.


We’re yet to see an official trailer for The Sims 5, but that doesn't matter.

The well-known YouTuber OriginZ has stepped up to the task and provided an incredible fan-made trailer for the upcoming sim.

Check it out for an idea of what we can expect!