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God of War Sequel: Last of Us 2 delay could spell bad news for PS5 game

Coronavirus has thrown the world into chaos, and the gaming industry is not immune to it.

It has been a very long wait for The Last of Us 2 and the news that it has been delayed even further has disheartened fans.

The wider impact of a major title suffering even longer delays has cast a lot of doubts on the production of next-gen consoles, and the big-name games that are expected to drop with it.

There are many releases that could be at danger of being held back due to the ongoing problems of the coronavirus, and the expected PS5 God of War sequel is one of the releases that stands out.

Last of Us 2 delay

The Last of Us 2 cover
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DELAYED INDEFINITELY: The last news fans wanted to hear

Anyone who has been following the latest news from Naughty Dog will already be aware of the disheartening news that the Last of Us 2 has been delayed indefinitely.

Fans were eagerly expecting the have the game on 29 May, but instead will have to wait even longer to get their hands on the sequel to this masterpiece of a game.


This delay was particularly striking due to how popular the game is and the fact that it was due to be released in nearly two months. It has shocked many and made many scared for Playstation's future releases in 2020.

Although, a major theory as to why Playstation chose to delay this game is due to the subject matter of the game. The Last of Us is an apocalyptic tale about a pandemic after all, and this has left many thinking this was a delay based on sensitivity rather than purely logistical.

If this is true, it could give hope to Playstation's other upcoming 2020 releases not being delayed.

God of War 5 rumours and potential release date

It has been teased recently that a God of War sequel is imminent but it seems like it's still early days in the development stage thus far, but early hints have suggested that gamers could be seeing the game hitting the shelves late 2020.

god of war cover
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THE SEQUEL: Will this be the year we see a new God of War game?

After all games as visually stunning and as in-depth as God of War take time to create so it's very unlikely we will be seeing the game get a release before the end of the year.

This gives us plenty of hope that it can avoid major setbacks. While production is sure to be impacted by the current ongoing coronavirus problems, by the time the release window rolls around all should be well.

Although there is the potential for the crisis to delay the development of the game and push the schedule even further, which is a big problem with some games in development at the moment.

Luckily no news has come out about delays in the production of the next God of War instalment, so only time will tell what will happen to this games' release date.


It also seems likley that the game will be released to coincide with the release of the PS5, so fingers crossed the PS5 does not become delayed due to the current crisis.

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