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The Last of Us Part 2 Joel voice actor shares CRYPTIC tweet: Details, latest news and more

By now, everyone has had a bit of time to process the news that The Last of Us Part II will be delayed indefinitely.

How this will effect numerous other releases is being explored currently online, with fears that much anticipated titles like God Of War 2 will also be delayed.

Luckily, some new screenshots were released that sort of made up for the disappointment, which showcased some seriously stunning stuff - ranging from a closer look at Joel and Ellie and brand new settings for the pair.

However since then, all has been quiet...until a major cast member shared something that has set the rumour mill on fire.

Who is Troy Baker

Troy Baker is a veteran American voice actor, who has lent his versatile and incredible acting skills to a huge amount of video games.

Some of the stand out performances include the Joker in Batman: Arkham Origins, Sam Drake in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End and Higgs in Death Stranding.

But the voice which you'll likely recognise most is that of Joel in The Last of Us - which won him numerous Best Voice Actor awards.

Troy Baker Motion Capture
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IN MOTION: Baker behind the scenes in The Last of Us

The Tweet

The cryptic tweet gives little to work with, but it's still something.

Troy Baker Tweet
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I SWEAR: Troy Baker's tweet better not be about another delay!

What can people expect from this announcement? With the current situation in the world, there is no playbook, so it's tough to predict.

People are sure to speculate as to what news, if any, would be appropriate to release at this time? With other developers releasing games digitally, could this also be an option for The Last of Us Part II?

Or would this be a somewhat lacklustre approach to what is already set to be a contender for Game of The Year?


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The tweet sure does highlight how tricky the situation is - as even Troy Baker himself can't specify what's going on.

One thing we can be certain of, is that the Last of Us Part II, when it does arrive, will be well worth the wait.

For how this plays out and all the latest on The Last of Us Part II, keep checking in.