NBA 2K24 MyTEAM: New game mode, pack market changes, crossplay & more

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MyTEAM is one of the most popular NBA 2K game modes. In NBA 2K24, the mode underwent some huge changes, that will provide users with a new way to play the game.

Among the many features that were introduced, we have a new game mode and a revamped player market. The goal of these changes is to provide players with more flexibility, new ways to play the mode, and improve the players' gaming experience.

However, not all of the new features will be well received by the fans. A new microtransaction option was added to the mode, which will certainly generate criticism from the NBA 2K community.

With further ado, let's check all of the changes coming to MyTEAM in NBA 2K24.

New game mode

A brand new game mode is coming to MyTEAM in NBA 2K24, and it's called Salary Cap. It will provide players with an opportunity to experience a new way of playing MyTEAM.

This mode is different from any present or past modes of MyTEAM. It delivers a unique gaming experience, that some players will love, while others not so much.

NBA 2K24 MyTEAM Stephen Curry Salary Cap mode
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Here is a look at Stephen Curry in the Salary Cap mode.

In this mode, every player has a salary cap, which changes multiple times a week. These changes are based on how much the card is used in MyTEAM. Each round of the mode also has a different salary cap, which forces players to adjust their teams accordingly.

When it comes to the game rules, they are also quite unique. The game has two halves. In the second half, teams receive 24 points and battle to reach a fixed score, similar to the NBA All-Star game.

This means scoring the most points in the first half is crucial. That way, you will be able to reach the fixed score faster in the second half and win the game. The Salary cap mode also gives players the chance to earn great rewards.

A revamped player market

The player market underwent huge changes, which according to the 2K developers, introduced a more level playing field.

From now on, players can acquire cards directly, without having to wait hours, as it happened in the auction house. Players simply need to enter the player market, find the card they want, pay its price in either MT or VC, and the card is theirs. Furthermore, the player prices are also more transparent.

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The free agents card design was revamped.

This provides a more straightforward way of acquiring cards, which will save players plenty of time. In a way, it introduces a more level playing field and more lineup customization.

However, it's also here that the new MyTEAM microtransaction option comes into play. For the first time, players can purchase MT and use it to buy cards.

Unfortunately, this feels like a new pay-to-win method, that makes all the player market changes mentioned above feel useless. It's something the 2K community won't be happy about, but we don't expect it to be removed from the game.

MyTEAM pack market

Some changes are also coming to the MyTEAM pack market. The pack odds were improved, and players now have more chances of guaranteed pulls.

NBA 2K24 MyTEAM Season 1 Reward
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Kyrie Irving is one of the many Season 1 rewards!

These are some small changes, but one that can actually have a big impact. If the packet odds are increased in a significant way, it will be much easier for players to get great cards, and build a strong team.

NBA 2K24 MyTEAM other changes

One of the biggest changes in MyTEAM this year is the increased MT earning rate. Most players will earn double the MT they earned in previous editions, which helps players build a better squad in an easier way.


The MyTEAM Seasons progress is now shared with MyCareer, and there is a new way of gaining XP. Now, players will win XP by simply playing games, no matter the result.

Something that fans have been asking for a while, is finally making its way to the mode. We're talking about the Double XP Events, which are coming to MyTEAM in NBA 2K24.

NBA 2K24 MyTEAM coach Chris Finch
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Crossplay is also finally available for MyTEAM players, but only for those who play in new-gen consoles. Triple Threat Co-Op is returning, which is something players will love to hear.

Some changes to the Coach system and cards were implemented. Now, Coach boosts are more effective, and have a bigger impact on players' performances. Cards will have boosts in certain game situations, which adds a new level of strategy to the game.

It's also worth noting that, players will receive a Kobe Bryan coach card after completing Mamba Moments.

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