NBA 2K24: Can you sim playoffs

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NBA 2K24

The launch of NBA 2K24 is just days away, but players still have some questions about the game.

These questions are not so much related to the new features that were introduced in game modes such as MyTEAM, The W or The City. Instead, players want to know which are the best builds, jumpshots, badges, and if you can simulate playoffs in MyCareer.

Being able to simulate playoffs in MyCareer is something players have asked for quite some time. This would allow players to complete some challenges, achieve milestones, and earn VC in an easier way.

So, let's find out if that will be possible in NBA 2K24.

Simulating playoffs in NBA 2K24

We're still not completely sure if players will be able to simulate playoff games in NBA 2K24. However, since the 2K developers never mentioned anything about the feature, we expect it to be impossible to simulate playoff games.

All the signs indicate that players will need to wait at least one more year for the feature to be implemented. This is a shame since many players were begging for this feature to be added.

NBA 2K24
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According to many players, having to play every single playoff game is boring, and 2K should go back to the system used in NBA 2K19. This system allowed players to easily simulate playoff games, giving users the choice of which matches they wanted to play.

It seems that in NBA 2K24, players won't have a choice, and will need to play every single playoff game. However, this is still not confirmed, so there is still a glimmer of hope left.

We will make sure to update this article when new information comes out.

Season 1


While we still aren't 100% sure if you will be able to simulate playoff games in NBA 2K24, we are sure that Season 1 is just around the corner. Seasons will once again allow players to earn many rewards, and use them to upgrade their squad or player.

NBA 2K24 LeBron James
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LeBron James is the LVL 1 reward in Season 1.

Despite that, the Seasons feature underwent some huge changes, with two premium Season Passes being introduced. The NBA 2K community wasn't happy about it, as they feel this makes the game even more pay-to-win.

If you want to know all the rewards that Season 1 brings, make sure to check out our article about it.

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