NBA 2K22 Dunking Guide: Contact Dunks, Animations, Ratings & Requirements

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If you've been having trouble dunking in NBA 2K22, you're not the only one. Plenty of players have struggled to land posterizing dunks even when using the Pro Stick.

To help you, we've put together this NBA 2K22 Dunking Guide that should help you understand some of the requirements involved with Contact Dunks, Animations, and Ratings.

Let's go over what you need to know in our NBA 2K22 Dunking Guide.


NBA 2K22 Dunking Guide: Contact Dunk Requirements

There are a few requirements to consider when completing Contact Dunks in NBA 2K22, most of which have to do with the player's height and rating.

By rating, we mean that certain Contact Dunks have Driving Dunk and Vertical requirements to complete. These can be helped with the proper Finishing Badges.

NBA 2K22 Contact Dunk Dennis Rodman
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CONTACT DUNKS: Dunking while in contact with your opponent comes with requirements
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Here are all the rating requirements to perform NBA 2K22 Contact Dunks:

  • Pro Contact Dunks — 84+ Driving Dunk and 70+ Vertical
  • Elite Contact Dunks — 92+ Driving Dunk and 80+ Vertical
  • Pro Contact Alley-Oops — 84+ Driving Dunk and 70+ Vertical
  • Elite Contact Alley-Oops — 92+ Driving Dunk and 80+ Vertical

Contact Dunks: Height Requirements

As we said above, certain NBA 2K22 dunks require a certain height to be performed. These requirements are usually found in Alley-Oops and Standing Dunks.

Obviously, there are other areas where the player's height will matter as well when it comes to Contact Dunks, so here's how the height requirements for dunks in NBA 2K22 work:

  • Small Contact Dunks and Alley-Oops (Must be Under 6'5") — 86+ Driving Dunk and 85+ Vertical
  • Pro Standing Contact Dunks (Must be at least 6'10") — 80+ Standing Dunk and 65+ Vertical
  • Elite Standing Contact Dunks (Must be at least 6'10") — 90+ Standing Dunk and 75+ Vertical
  • Big Man Contact Dunks and Alley-Oops (Must be at least 6'10") — 85+ Standing Dunk, 75+ Driving Dunk, and 60+ Vertical

You can help ensure that you're able to dunk by equipping Finishing Badges such as Limitless Takeover, Posterizer, or Fast Twitch for big-men. Quick First Step is great for Small Forwards and Guards.

NBA 2K22 Dunking Animations

The Dunking Animations are another tricky thing to figure out in NBA 2K22. Usually, players try to emulate a particular superstar when creating their MyPLAYER.

Still, there are certain requirements such as height and vertical ratings that factor into whether or not you'll be able to perform these dunks in NBA 2K22.

NBA 2K22 Dunking Guide Player Dunks
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HIGH FLYER: Certain dunks in NBA 2K22 depend on your attributes

Here's a ratings guide to the superstar dunking animations in NBA 2K22:

Animation Min Height Max Height Driving Layup Driving Dunk Standing Dunk Vertical Restricted
Giannis6'57'3Any75+70+45+All Allowed
Kobe5'76'9Any80+Any50+All Allowed
Carter5'76'9Any85+Any55+All Allowed
Dawkins6'1073Any75+75+45+All Allowed
DeRozan5'76'9Any75+65+45+All Allowed
Drexler5'76'9Any80+65+50+All Allowed
PG6'56'9Any80+65+50+All Allowed
Griffin6'57'3Any85+70+45+All Allowed
Harden5'76'9Any80+Any50+All Allowed
MJ5'7 6'9Any85+Any55+All Allowed
Kilganon5'76'9Any80+75+50+All Allowed
Lavine5'76'9Any80+Any50+All Allowed
Lebron5'76'9Any80+65+50+All Allowed
GR35'7 6'9Any80+60+50+All Allowed
Pippen6'56'9Any80+65+50+All Allowed
Simmons6'56'9Any75+65+45+All Allowed
KAT6'10 7'3Any75+75+45+PG/SG

That should help you learn what you'll need when building your MyPLAYER to perform NBA 2K22 dunks like some of the best players in history!