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Claim your free Pantheon: Team USA Pack in MyTEAM now

NBA 2K21 is giving a nod to the Olympics with the new Pantheon: Team USA Packs that have launched in MyTEAM.

The epic 1992 Dream Team and 2012 Team are in the spotlight this time, and you can even snag a free pack in MyTEAM if you login to NBA 2K21 this weekend.

NBA 2K21 releases Pantheon: Team USA packs

NBA 2K21 is keeping the fire alive in MyTEAM, and the latest way is via the release if new Pantheon: Team USA Packs featuring players from both the 1992 Dream Team and the 2012 squad.

Nearly two dozen greats from these eras are available now in MyTEAM with these new packs, and that includes four different Invincible cards.

NBA 2K21 MyTEAM Pantheon Team USA Packs Every Player
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BEST OF THE BEST: Only four could snag Invincible status

Carmelo Anthony is the lone Invincible from the 2012 Team, as the 1992 Dream Team gives us Invincible David Robinson, Scottie Pippen, and Larry Bird.


Every new player in the Pantheon: Team USA Pack

A total of 23 new players have been added with the release of the Pantheon: Team USA Pack, including four Invincible, 10 more Dark Matter, and 9 Galaxy Opal players.

Here's every new player now in MyTEAM:

  • Invincible DM 2012 Carmelo Anthony (99 OVR)
  • Invincible DM 1992 David Robinson (99 OVR)
  • Invincible DM 1992 Scottie Pippen (99 OVR)
  • Invincible DM 1992 Larry Bird (99 OVR)
  • DM 2012 LeBron James (99 OVR)
  • DM 2012 Kobe Bryant (99 OVR)
  • DM 1992 Michael Jordan (99 OVR)
  • DM 1992 Magic Johnson (99 OVR)
  • DM 2012 Kevin Durant (99 OVR)
  • DM 1992 Karl Malone (99 OVR)
  • DM 2012 Chris Paul (99 OVR)
  • DM 2012 James Harden (99 OVR)
  • DM 2012 Deron Williams (99 OVR)
  • DM 1992 Patrick Ewing (99 OVR)
  • GO 2012 Russell Westbrook (98 OVR)
  • GO 2012 Anthony Davis (98 OVR)
  • GO 2012 Kevin Love (98 OVR)
  • GO 2012 Andre Iguodala (98 OVR)
  • GO 2012 Tyson Chandler (98 OVR)
  • GO 1992 Clyde Drexler (98 OVR)
  • GO 1992 Chris Mullin (98 OVR)
  • GO 1992 John Stockton (98 OVR)
  • GO 1992 Christian Laettner (98 OVR)

If you're already thinking about NBA 2K22, a potential first look at the cover and release date were recently leaked on Twitter.

How to redeem and claim your free pack in MyTEAM

As a special thanks to NBA 2K21 players who have continued to enjoy MyTEAM, they've also dropped this unique Team USA pack as a freebie.

On top of that, this is a Pantheon: Team USA Deluxe Pack, which guarantees you at least one Galaxy Opal or better player.

All you have to do is load up NBA 2K21 and log in to MyTEAM this weekend in order to receive this free reward, but some players have had issues doing that.


A few hours after posting this freebie, the NBA 2K21 MyTEAM account on Twitter followed up by saying, "We are aware that some users are unable to receive their free pack and are investigating the issue now. More updates to come."

With the day progressing and likely more and more players trying to log on soon to claim this, it appears 2K Sports and Visual Concepts are on top of the issue and should have it resolved soon.

An exact expiration date on this free pack offer wasn't noted, but most NBA 2K21 MyTEAM content expires at 11:59pm PT, so this offer might end at that time on Sunday night.

They've also dropped a new Locker Code with a chance at a Pantheon: Team USA Pack, and you can find all the details on that and other active Locker Codes here.