MLB The Show 23: Has Diamond Dynasty become a mode that caters too much to offline players?

MLB The Show 23 batter

MLB The Show 23 batter

MLB The Show 23 is one of the most popular sports games of 2023. The title has a big player base and has received plenty of positive reviews. It has plenty of game modes, all of which provide users with a lot of entertainment.

However, there is one game mode that fans absolutely love, with many only buying the game to play it. That game mode is Diamond Dynasty, which is similar to FIFA or Madden's ultimate team.

Recently, many players have been complaining about the mode. It's not about its lack of content, but because many feel the mode became too much focused on offline content. Instead of prioritizing multiplayer competition, the community feels developers are more concerned about releasing offline content. To many, this is ruining the game mode.

So, let's see why some MLB The Show 23 players feel Diamond Dynasty is focusing too much on offline content, and the impact that has on the mode for users.

Does Diamond Dynasty have too much offline content?

The main complaint of MLB The Show 23 players about Diamond Dynasty, is that it has too much offline content. Programs such as Team Affinity, Kaiju, and Incognito, consist of mostly offline missions. Game modes like Conquest or Mini Seasons are also focused on offline gameplay.

All of these programs, and game modes, give players the chance to earn great rewards. However, completing all these programs takes a lot of time. But players still feel completing them is a must.

That's because, without the cards you earn from these programs, it's very hard to be competitive in online matches. If you don't grind to get the 99 OVR cards the Kaiju or Incognito programs offer, you pretty much won't be able to compete online.

MLB The Show 23 Team Affinity season 1
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To earn all of these cards players had to complete plenty of offline missions.

The big problem is that players take dozens of hours to complete those programs, making them feel the mode requires too much grinding. Furthermore, in a game mode that is supposedly multiplayer-focused, users find themselves playing more against the CPU than real players.

Apart from Battle Royale, which is a very similar game mode to FIFA Fut draft, players don't have much incentive to play online. If they don't grind the offline programs, they can't have a competitive team.

However, if they do complete the program, they will have spent hundreds of hours playing offline matches, just so they can be on equal footing when playing ranked games.

This takes the joy out of the game mode. It also makes many players question if it's really worth spending so much time in Diamond Dynasty. Players don't want to grind so much offline content. Nor should they have to do it just to not be at a disadvantage. Playing against the CPU also gets pretty boring once you have done it multiple times.

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What can MLB The Show 23 do to fix this problem?

Having content that doesn't require so much grind is the most straightforward answer. Even if the content is still mainly focused on offline play, make the missions easier to complete. It should also be less time-consuming to finish these programs.

This way, players can still complete the offline programs, claim those rewards, and also enjoy some competitive online games. Another thing MLB The Show 23 developers can do to fix this issue is improving online rewards.

If players get better cards, and more Stubs, by playing ranked games, they will have an easier time upgrading their squad. This way, you make the grinding of offline programs optimal.

MLB The Show 23 Incognito program
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The Incognito program is just one of many MLB The Show 23 programs that have plenty of offline missions.

Players that want to focus on competitive online matches, can do so, while still being able to fill a good team. Users that prefer to grind offline programs, and collect rewards can also do it.

Adjusting the season restrictions might also be a good idea. Players don't like the idea of not being able to play with the cards they worked so hard to earn in the next season. It's one aspect that makes the grind feel like a waste of time.

MLB The Show 23 needs to find a way so that players can have fun playing online. Make the grinding aspect of Diamond Dynasty an option, that doesn't harm players that just want to play ranked games and climb through the online leaderboard.

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