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With the arrival of Season 2, new captains were introduced into MLB The Show 23. These captains are part of the Team Affinity Season 2 program. They play a pivotal role in how you assemble your squad. So, choosing the best one is a very important task.

But you don't need to worry about that, because we've got you covered. In this article, we will tell you who are the best Season 2 Captains and why. All of them have great abilities. However, their quirks and team boosts are what differentiates them.

So, without further ado, let's find out the best Team Affinity Season 2 Captains.

Best Team Affinity Season 2 Captains in MLB The Show 23

There are plenty of factors that go into selecting the perfect captain. His attributes, positions, quirks, and above all, the stats he boosts. You will need to build your MLB The Show 23 team around your captain. Selecting players that take advantage of his attributes boosts. Otherwise, your captain won't have that much impact.

Taking into consideration all of these metrics, we found the five best captains in Team Affinity Season 2. These captains will give you a great advantage over your opponents. They have great attribute boosts and can secure you plenty of wins in Diamond Dynasty.

So, let's take a look at the five best Team Affinity Season 2 Captains down below.

Edgar Martinez

In the first place, we have Edgar Martinez from the Seattle Mariners. He can play as a designated hitter, and first basemen, and has some astonishing hitting attributes.

Martinez has great control against both left and right-handed pitchers. His high clutch attribute means we won't have any problems connecting with the ball.

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Martinez boosts his teammates' contact versus left and right-handed pitchers. It also gives them more batting clutch. This is great for your hitters. It makes it easier for them to make contact with the ball and will secure you plenty of runs.

To enable the tier three boosts, you will need to have 11 hitters from the Seattle Mariners on your team.

Enrique Hernandez

The Boston Red Sox star player is arguably the most versatile captain in Team Affinity Season 2. He can play pretty much every position in the game and can do it at an elite level.

Enrique Hernandez hitting and fielding stats are truly remarkable. He has quick reactions, a strong arm, great accuracy, and spectacular field awareness.

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As a batter, Hernandez has incredible power and contact, especially against left-handed pitchers. His clutch attribute is also, impressive and makes him an even bigger threat. He is also one of the best fielders in MLB The Show 23.

Hernandez will provide his teammates with both power, batting clutch, and fielding boosts. To unlock his tier-three boosts, you need to have 11 hitters from the Boston Red Sox on your squad.

Victor Robles

Victor Robles can also play many positions, but it's in the Center Field that he truly shines. Similar to Hernandez, he has both great fielding and hitting attributes. His 99 arm strength and 88 accuracy, mean he can make the ball reach the infielders in a fast and accurate way.

With 88 fielding, Robles knows where the ball is going to fall as soon as the batter hits it. This spectacular fielding awareness can save your team many points.

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He is also a decent hitter, having great contact against left-handed pitchers. Unfortunately, his clutch attribute isn't that high, which means he can struggle to hit some pitches.

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Robles boosts his teammates' hitting and fielding attributes. More specifically, their contact versus left-handed pitchers, fielding ability and speed. He boosts attributes that impact players from many different positions, which makes him even more valuable.

To enable the tier three attribute boosts from Robles, you need to have 11 hitters from the Washington Nationals.

Steve Finley

The legendary Steve Finley is the next player on our list. He was one of the best outfielders of his generation, and his stats demonstrate that. Finley has an impressive 90 fielding attribute and very quick reactions. His arm strength is decent, just like his accuracy.

When it comes to hitting, Finley is very good against right-handed pitchers. He can hit some balls out of the stadium. However, don't expect him to do that regularly.

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But what makes Finley so valuable, is the fact he can play multiple positions. That, and some great quirks, such as first-pitcher hitter, dead red, and breaking ball hitter.

Finley boosts the fielding, power, and contact attributes of his teammates. To unlock his tier-three attribute boosts, you need to have 11 hitters from the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Will Smith

The Dodgers catcher is the last entry on our list. Will Smith is a spectacular batter and a decent fielder. He has a high clutch attribute and shines against both left and right-handed pitchers.

With good contact and power, Smith will provide you with plenty of runs, and loaded bases. Occasionally, Smith will hit the ball into the parking lot. He is a great captain to build your Diamond Dynasty squad around.

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Smith provides some great boosts to your squads' hitting attributes. He will improve his teammates' contact versus lefties, power versus both left and right-handed pitchers, and clutch.

To enable his tier-three boosts, you will need to have 11 hitters from the Los Angeles Dodgers in your squad.

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