MLB The Show 20: New York Mets player rating predictions – Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard, Pete Alonso

The Mets are vying to be relevant in New York, but how relevant will they be in The Show 20?

by Remy Cabache

After losing in the World Series in 2015 the Mets have failed to come close to replicating that level of success.

Now, with years of disappointment on their backs, the team has gotten mixed up with the Houston Astros’ and Boston Red Sox’ sign-stealing scandal. Now former manager Carlos Beltran mutually parted ways with the team for his involvement with the Astros’ cheating.

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With a new manager at the helm, their third in a matter of months, the reigning NL Rookie of the Year, and a perennial Cy Young candidate, the Mets are loading up to try and compete as the best team in the NL East, and New York City.

Buzz is growing for MLB The Show 20 as we have seen the release trailer and are eagerly waiting more news about the new features we saw teased. So, just how highly rated will they be in MLB The Show 20?

Jacob deGrom, SP

CY YOUNG: deGrom is one of the best pitchers of this generation

2019 launch rating: 96

2020 prediction: 98

Jacob deGrom is undoubtedly among the top three pitchers in baseball, if not the best. Even on his worst days he is better than many starting pitchers, and on most days he is unhittable.

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In 2019 he had a 2.43 ERA with an NL leading 255 strikeouts, won his second Cy Young and made his third All-Star game. He should remain one of the highest rated players in MLB The Show.

Noah Syndergaard, SP

THOR: Can Syndergaard find his All-Star form?

2019 launch rating: 93

2020 prediction: 90

Syndergaard, when on his game, forms one of the most formidable one-two punch starting pitchers in baseball. However, since reaching the All-Star game in 2016 he has failed to reach the heights many expected, and 2019 was his worst yet.

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He had his lowest win percentage when playing a full season (.556) and his worst ERA (4.28). Nevertheless, he is incredibly talented and should remain very highly rated, though I do expect a drop.

Pete Alonso, 1B

ROY: Polar Bear has a lot of expectation to live up to in 2020

2019 launch rating: 69

2020 prediction: 88

Alonso took the Majors by storm last season on his way to winning NL Rookie of the Year. Polar Bear was a pitchers worst fear. He smashed a Majors leading 53 homeruns and drove in 120 runs.

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As a result he should expect a huge ratings rise to being one of the better players in the game, especially at the plate.

Seth Lugo, CP

RELIEF: Lugo was a reliable RP for the Mets last year – a valuable commodity

2019 launch rating: 81

2020 prediction: 86

A huge part of the Mets’ failings in 2019 was their late game collapses. They blew saves all season as their bullpen and closers fell apart. Lugo, however, was not part of the issue.

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Out of the ‘pen, Lugo was able to pitch a 2.70 ERA with 104 strikeouts and a 0.900 WHIP. He also had six saves though not serving as the team’s closer, so should become the best pitcher on this roster behind deGrom and Syndergaard.

Yoenis Cespedes, LF

THE RETURN: Cespedes has big goals for his return to the diamond

2019 launch rating: 85

2020 prediction: 85

It’s been a long time since we last saw Cespedes in a Mets uniform as he missed all of 2019 through injury. However, now fully healthy, he expects to be destructive in his return to the team.

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Despite a year away from the Majors, I expect Cespedes to come back rated as he was at the beginning of The Show 19. There is no reason to drop him as last we saw he was still the uber-talented LF we had gotten used to seeing.

New York Mets MLB The Show 20 ratings predictions

Player Position 2019 launch rating 2020 prediction
Jeff McNeil 2B 77 84
Edwin Diaz RP 90 84
Wilson Ramos C 84 82
Jeurys Familia RP 86 82
Marcus Stroman SP 78 81
Rick Porcello SP 81 79
Michael Conforto RF 78 79

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Remy Cabache

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